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What Is Slack And How You Can Use It

By: Osinachi
Published: April 26, 2021

Slack is a communication network designed for use in the office, whether you work for a big company or a small one. Slack is a chatroom that is accessible to all members of a company.

It’s compatible with a variety of devices and platforms, and it’s loaded with features that let you talk with colleagues one-on-one as well as in groups.

Users may also upload and share files with them, as well as interact with other applications and services, and manage nearly every option, including the ability to design custom emojis.

Slack works on any device, allowing you to discover and access your team and work whether you’re at your desk or on the move.

Your company is referred to as a workspace, and it is separated into channels, which are individual group conversations with their own users and themes.

You may transmit messages, photos, internet links, movies, and more through these channels. They’re intended to make employee communication easier and to take over many of the responsibilities that email used to do.

interface of the a Slack app

It’s available for desktop and mobile devices, and it’s accessed through a web browser via the Slack website.

Slack has applications for Windows and Mac desktops, as well as Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. In a desktop web browser, you may access the same capabilities through Slack’s website.

Slack is also accessible on the Apple Watch, allowing users to send direct messages, view mentions, and respond to basic questions. The slack app has a nice user experience and is simple to use.

Slack includes two types: free and premium.

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Features Of The Slack App

  • Send a message or make a phone call to any member of your team.
  • Communicate with your coworkers and arrange your discussions by subjects, projects, or anything else that is relevant to your job.
  • Integrate the tools and services you currently use, such as Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Asana, Twitter, Zendesk, and others, into your workflow.
  • Personalize your alerts to keep you focused on the important things.
  • In their own channels, keep up with anything relevant to certain subjects, initiatives, or teams.
  • Slack maintains all of your information, such as prior meetings, projects, and so on.
  • When you’re interactive, it’s simpler to see things. Video conferencing allows you to convey information more effectively, allowing you to complete tasks faster.
  • Without switching tabs or windows, you may share files, documents, images, and videos from your computer, device, or cloud storage provider of choice.

Slack For Windows

Slack for Windows

It’s as simple as possible to use Slack on your PC.

Before you can use the Slack software on your Windows pc, you must first download it from the Slack website or the Windows Store.

NOTE: You must be running Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update installed to download the Slack app from the Windows Store.

How To Install Stack On Your Windows Computer

  • Click Download
  • Double-click the file (named SlackSetup.exe) after it has finished downloading. Once installed, Slack will start immediately.

To get Slack from the Windows Store, simply search for it in the store, click Get the program, and follow the prompts. After the software has been installed, go to your Start menu and pick Slack to activate it, and you’re ready to go.

You may sign in to a workplace you’re currently a part of, join a workspace, or establish your own after installing the Slack app.

Pricing For Slack
Slack pricimg

Slack’s free edition allows you to browse through the last 10,000 conversations, add a limited number of people to your workspace, save up to 5GB of files and use up to 10 applications or custom integrations.

Slack Standard charges $8 per person per month, or a few pennies more than $80 per person if paid annually. It includes increased file storage to 10GB per individual, team calls with up to 15 people, and other functionalities.

Slack Plus fees $15 per user per month or $150 per user per year and contains everything that Slack Standard does, with the addition of 20GB of storage per user.

if you’d want to learn more about Slack’s pricing CLICK HERE.

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