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wetransfer is a cloud based sharing service that helps you to send small and large scale files.

wetransfer has a free service where users can send up to two gigabytes of files, and a paid option called wetransfer plus where users can send up to 20 gigabytes of files. wetransfer plus also allows users to add passwords to files.

wetransfer has a mobile app for iOS and Android called Collect by WeTransfer, it can be used to transfer files from your mobile device.

the app is restricted to some features unlike the desktop version where there are lots of amazing features.

this limited purpose app does not make it useless, there are amazing things that can be done using the wetransfer app, below are some of the amazing features you can find on the wetransfer app.

Features of the Collect by wetransfer app

  • you can add images, videos, files and whatever you feel like storing
  • save your links and other amazing things you find around the web or across the app
  • Organize all your items into beautiful boards to visualize your ideas
  • Share boards with anyone, no sign-up required
  • Invite others to collaborate on boards so everyone’s on the same page
  • you can keep your ideas you’re working on, references for future purposes, or stuff you love you can save, organize, and share for free with Collect
  • you can backup and sync all your boards and files across your devices.

If you need more feature then you can go for the “We Transfer Plus” which allows you to send up to 20GB at a time, and also allows you the ability to Store up to 100GB and assign a password to protect your files.

to learn more and get the app on your iOS or Android CLICK HERE

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wetransfer login

wetransfer has one of the easiest way to share your files. users can share up to 2GB file for free.

below are the steps on how to login to wetransfer:

  • visit the official website wetransfer.com
  • you will see the “I Accept” option click on it
how to login to wetransfer
  • after clicking on the “I Accept” option then you can start uploading your files and enjoy the service

wetransfer pro

wetransfer pro allow users to  transfers larger files, more storage capacity, an address book, and the ability to protect files with a password.

The application integrates with social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and more, enabling users to share files across these platforms.

With WeTransfer Pro you can send up to 20 GB of files in one go. And with 1 TB of storage capacity.

Features of wetransfer pro
  • users are able to track downloads to know the minute your transfer is downloaded and the name behind every click.
  • you have access to edit transfers i.e Sent the wrong version? Forgot to include someone. you can change this error in just one click.
  • With Pro, users are able to decide how long transfers are available. Give people limited time to download your files or make sure they stick around forever—you’re in control.
  • you can make a lasting impression with a customizable web page, and branded emails to match.
  • users can protect their account with two-factor authentication and add an optional password to each transfer.

Give the pro version a try.

wetransfer pro pricing

for the pro version of the wetransfer tool all you need is a month plan that costs $12, while a year plan costs $120.

wetransfer pricing

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