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Tips And Tricks On The Amazon Music App

By: osinachi
Published: April 1, 2021

If you’re new to Amazon Music or if you’ve been using it for a long, here are several cool things you may not have known about.

So you’ve checked into Amazon Music Unlimited, you’re aware that it’s not the same as Amazon Prime Music, and you believe it’s superior than Spotify and Apple Music.

Over time, the music streaming business has gotten increasingly intense. Spotify and Apple Music have been competing for premium users.

Amazon’s own product, especially if you’re a Prime member, is an interesting option.

The Amazon Music software is free, but to listen to music, you’ll need an Amazon Prime membership. All mobile devices, including iPads, may use the software.

Amazon Prime members get 2 million music for free, but the amazon-music-app charges $7.99 per month (or $79 per year) and gives you access to 60 million songs.
Amazon Music HD is also accessible for individuals who desire uncompressed music.
If you’ve already started a 30-day free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited but aren’t sure what to do next, read on.
Don’t stress, the Amazon Music interface is simple to use, and the finest features of Music Unlimited are easy to locate.
Users of Amazon Music enjoy the extra benefit of being able to listen to their music across several platforms.
We’ve included our favorite Amazon Music tips and techniques below to help you get the most out of the service.
So, either you want to transfer music to an Amazon Echo or make it easier to create playlists, remember these pointers.

1} Download Music To Listen To While You’re Not Connected To The Internet.

Users may download tracks to their mobile device for offline listening on Amazon Music.

Although the appearance – based differs depending on whether you’re using an iOS or Android smartphone, the process is the same for all.

Only Amazon Music Unlimited users will be able to hear songs or albums that aren’t accessible anywhere else.

Locate the music you wish to download, hit the arrow icon next to it, and then select download.

Android users may also pick Download by pressing down on the track.

By hitting the ellipsis icon on the album image and selecting Download, you may download whole albums and playlists.

You may also long-press on the album image and select Download. You may even download a song directly from the music player by selecting Download from the ellipsis symbol.

On a mobile device, go to Settings > Download Audio Quality to modify your download settings.

You may choose to download just over Wi-Fi, or choose between normal files for the highest quality and compressed ones for space savings.

You may download music to your computer using the desktop app by hitting the arrow button next to any albums or playlists, then choosing Download.

There will be a Download option next to each track for individual songs.

Another option is to right-click and drag a selection to the Download area on the right-hand side panel.

By selecting your account name in the desktop app, you may alter your download settings. Go to Preferences > Advanced and choose Download Settings from the drop-down menu.

You may then choose between high-resolution files and compressed ones to conserve space.

How To Play Music Offline

For Mobile devices, go to the bottom menu and select My Music, then go to the top menu and select Online Music, then Offline Music. After that, your song will appear in the different sections on the platform.
You can discover your stored music in the bottom menu of your iPhone or iPad under the My Music tab. Offline Music Mode may be accessed by tapping the ellipsis in the top-right corner.
After that, you’ll be able to see all of the music you’ve downloaded for offline listening. Tap the ellipsis again to switch off Offline Music Mode and listen to the music you’ve stored for internet listening.
In the Amazon Music desktop software, you may browse downloads in a variety of ways.
To check the most recent downloads, click to Recent > Downloads in the app’s top menu, or go to My Music to see all the music you’ve added for online and offline playing.

2} Change The Frequency To Save Data.

When streaming over a cellular connection, the Amazon Music Unlimited mobile applications allow you customize the audio quality of your tracks.

So you may either reduce data usage at the risk of your hearing or increase audio quality if your data subscription can handle it.

You may change the streaming quality and lower the amount of bandwidth utilized by Amazon music regardless of the platform you’re using to listen to it.

When listening on 4G LTE or if your ISP imposes a monthly data restriction, this is a must-know tip.

Click your account picture in the top-right corner of the desktop app, then Settings > Playback > Audio Quality.

Tap the tool icon in the upper corner of the mobile applications, then select Music Settings > Streaming Quality.

For Wi-Fi streaming, pick between Best and Standard, and for mobile streaming, choose between Best, Standard, and Data Saver.

Of course, you could synchronize your playlists over Wi-Fi before leaving the home to avoid having to use data on the move.

3} Sing Along With The Lyrics

lyrics on Amazon music app
The music player reveals X-Ray lyrics that will appear on the mobile and desktop app while the song plays.
One of Amazon Music Unlimited’s finest features is the ability to display the lyrics of numerous songs on the screen.
It’s ideal for sing-alongs or simply figuring out what a specific vocalist is muttering. The words are updated in real time to match the music.
When the music is in full-screen mode, a sample of the lyrics will show; tap to enlarge.
(Note that not all songs will have lyrics, and lyrics will not appear if you’re listening offline.)

4} Forever Save Your Music

You’ll have no trouble finding anything to listen to on Amazon’s music-streaming service, which has millions of tracks accessible to stream.
Amazon offers both MP3s and streaming music bundles, which is a feature that few other streaming services provide.
On Android, hit the three-dot bar button in the top right, then pick Shop for… You can’t access the online shop straight from iOS, but there is a way in: tap the three-dot menu button in the top right, then click Shop for… Simply click the Store link at the top of the screen if you’re using a desktop app.

On Android, you can access the music shop by holding down on an album or artist and selecting the Shop option from the pop-up menu.

Personal tracks may be purchased by tapping the ellipsis next to them and selecting Shop. You may also explore the shop by selecting Store from the settings icon in the upper right corner of the app.

You may then explore by genre, best sellers, new releases, or suggestions.

Users of the desktop app may navigate to specific albums, playlists, and songs by clicking on the Store tab in the app’s top menu.

Use the ellipsis icon to pick Download for albums and playlists. To begin downloading music, click the download icon next to the tracks you wish to download.

All buys you make will be stored to the My Music section in the desktop and mobile applications, and these songs will be kept even if your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription is cancelled.

If you like your online downloads to be more permanent, this is an option to explore.

5} Find Out What Your Favorite Music Is

In Amazon Music Unlimited, the search feature will be your most utilized tool, but searching might be restricting when it comes to music discovery because you can’t search for something you don’t know about, correct?
There are a few things we can do to make things easier for you:
  • Music Dedicated to You: You may browse down the Home page (web app and mobile) to uncover a list of music Amazon has selected for you based on your previous sound experience.
  • New Tracks may be found by going to Find > New Releases. You may filter by genre to locate all recently released songs, albums, and playlists. Once a day, check this to ensure you don’t miss any fascinating new songs.
  • Relevant: Scroll down to the bottom of any artist’s page for related information and song attribution. It may be used on any device.
  • Best Rankings: Amazon maintains a constantly changing list of the most popular playlists and songs. They might be themed by holiday (Thanksgiving or Harvest, for instance) or by historical period (such as “Top Songs this Weekend”).
  • Stations and Playlists: The finest music discovery tools are stations and playlists. Go to your Libary and scroll down to Made for You to get customised playlists. Artist broadcasts may be found by going to Find > Stations and entering in the name of the artist you want to hear about.

6} To Name A Song, Ask Alexa

using Alexa to name a song


Whether you have an Echo or another Alexa-enabled device in your house, you can use Amazon Music Unlimited to accomplish some cool things.
One of these abilities is the capacity to recognize a song based on a line or two of lyrics (don’t worry, you don’t have to sing them).
Simply say, “Hey Alexa, what’s the song that goes…” and repeat the words as many times as you recall. If the music can be discovered, Alexa will answer with the title and artist of the song, and then start to play it out for listeners.

7} Keeping Things Straight

Most of us like screaming and singing about the filthy things, but you may have children or wish to keep things clean during a family event.

You may block profane words on Amazon Music. Go to Settings on Android and check the box next to Block Explicit Songs. You’re ready to rock the fork out when you confirm in the pop-up.

On iOS, go to Settings > Music > Block Explicit Songs and turn it on.

When you’re using Amazon Music on the website, go to your profile, choose Block Explicit Songs, and then confirm by clicking Block.

Click your profile name in the desktop app, then Preferences. The option to ban explicit tracks may be found under the general tab. Remove this option from the menu by checking it.

8} Set A Timer For Sleep

set a sleep timer on Amazon music

One can set the music to your dreams without allowing your smartphone run all day with a sleep timer for your music. It might be relaxing to drift off to your favorite music. Set a sleep timer if you don’t want the music to play all night.

On Android, press the gear symbol in the upper left corner of the Browse tab, then select Sleep Timer.

Go to the Browse tab on iOS, press the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, then select Settings and Sleep Timer.

Choose a delay of 10, 20, 30, or 60 minutes, and your phone will cease playback when the timer expires.

9} Other Users Can Listen To Your Music

Don’t overlook the Amazon Music Unlimited applications’ handy sharing features. With a simple click or touch, Amazon will provide URLs that you can use to send links to certain songs, albums, or playlists that you wish to bring to the notice of others.
Simply click the Share icon in the online and desktop players, then select Copy Link.
Tap the More button in the upper right corner of the mobile applications, then Share Song, Share Album, Share Playlist, or Share Station (based on the circumstances), then Copy.
You may share music via Twitter, Facebook, or email, or copy and paste the created link into another application, such as an instant messaging network.
To hear to something you share, the receiver must be a current Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited member, but they can still view everything, including full track lists, track information, album art, and so on, even if they aren’t a subscription.

11} Specialized Plans To Meet Your Needs

Amazon music plans
Amazon Prime Unlimited will set you back $7.99 a month.
A single-device The Amazon Music Unlimited membership is only $3.99 a month, and it gives you access to 60 million songs, but it’s only for that one device.
  • The Family Plan is the most cost-effective option to subscribe to Music Unlimited. It costs $14.99 each month, but unless you can get 5 other people to divide the cost, you’ll just have to pay $2.50 per month.
  • The Individual Device subscription is for consumers who just wish to utilize a single Echo device to stream Music Unlimited, and it costs $3.99 per month.
  • The Student package, which costs $0.99 per month and is available to students who can verify registration at an appropriate educational establishment, is a special discount for students who can prove enrollment at an eligible academic institution.
  • The Yearly plan offers Prime members a discount if they pay for a year in advance, which works out to around $6.58 each month.
Thanks for reading.
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