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Scholarships In Singapore For International Students – Apply Now

By: Osinachi
Published: September 16, 2022

Singapore is a desirable destination for international students for individuals from all backgrounds. The application period for Singapore Scholarships for the academic year is now open. The Singapore Scholarships have all of their funding. It’s a great chance to enrol in undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree programs at Singaporean universities. Every year, the Singaporean government offers dozens of scholarships funded by the country.

International students are supported by the Singaporean government. Additionally, several colleges in Singapore do not require IELTS. Asia’s Leading Nation is Singapore. The world’s second-ranked passport is theirs. Scholarships are funded by the government, with simple admissions procedures, and no application fees. With a Superior Schooling System and Lower Costs Than the USA, Japan, Canada, and the UK.

International firms recognize degrees from Singapore. Due to the fact that this scholarship program is government-sponsored, there will be no entry fee. English will be used to teach the classes. Well over 1,000 scholarships have been given out by the Singaporean government. About 180 countries submitted over 30,000 registrations. Below are further details on the Singapore Scholarships.

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Scholarship Information

With its views of the sea and skyscrapers, Singapore ranks among the study places that never get dull. There are over 5.2 million people living in the city, many of whom are international students. Singapore is a multicultural wonderland and a haven for foreign students. Singapore provides top-notch education together with practical knowledge.

Three topic areas make up the Singaporean educational system. There is just one institution of higher learning, the Institute of Technical Instruction, which includes polytechnics that provide specific training as well as other institutions like artistic colleges. Private, public and foreign affiliates of various institutions are all present in Singapore. The study schedule is based on the European model, and an undergraduate program typically lasts three to four years. Specialized programs, such as those in medicine or engineering, often last four years.

Scholarships In Singapore For International Students

While certain postgraduate programmes, like a degree in education, can be finished in one year, the postgraduate degree typically requires two years to complete. It requires between two and five years to pursue a PhD degree.

Singapore serves as the entry point to several of the Asia Pacific region’s highest industries. And with SINGA, you may complete your PhD in Singapore, build a worldwide network, and advance your higher studies.

A thriving and intellectually varied research field of foreign students is fostered by SINGA. In cutting-edge settings, you’ll collaborate with eminent and internationally known scholars in a cross-cultural setting.

List Of Schools Available For The Singapore Scholarships

One of the largest scholarship programs for international students is offered by the Singaporean government. They offer dozens of scholarship opportunities annually. The Singaporean government and educational institutions provide funding for the scholarships.

At Nanyang Technological University Singapore, National University of Singapore, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Singapore Management University, fully funded scholarships are available to pursue PhD level studies.

The scholarships listed below are the Leading Renowned Scholarships in Singapore.

1. Government of Singapore Scholarships

A master’s, master leading to a PhD, or Direct PhD after a four-year undergraduate program is fully funded by the Singapore Government Scholarship. The Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR) provides funding for the scholarship.

Since this scholarship is offered by the government, please keep in mind that there is no application fee. English will be used to teach the courses. Any student from any nation who is keen to apply for the Singapore Scholarships is eligible for the scholarship.

2. Singapore University Of Technology Scholarship

Scholarship for Singapore University of Technology. The SUTD Singapore Scholarships are open to anybody interested in studying full-time in an undergraduate, master’s, or PhD programs.

In addition to financial advantages, donor scholarships may provide you with great learning experiences, desirable internship settings, and even work at prestigious organizations after graduation. Apply for donor scholarships as part of your financial assistance application as many of them give individuals in need of assistance additional consideration.

3. Nanyang Technological University Scholarship In Singapore

The Nanyang University Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for study at Nanyang Technological University’s bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. The University will pay for every expenditure.

Exceptional students pursuing undergraduate degrees are given the Nanyang Scholarship, the top undergraduate scholarship offered by NTU. Students who achieve academic excellence, have significant leadership abilities, and have exceptional co-curricular achievements are given the Nanyang Scholarship. As a result, it’s crucial to be ready at every step of the application and screening processes.


  • All nationalities are welcome.

  • The recipients of successful awards should enrol in a full-time undergraduate program. The scholarship will pay for all of your NTU study years.

  • Possess exceptional Singapore-Cambridge GCE “A” level, diploma from a Singapore polytechnic, NUS High School Diploma, IB Diploma, or Year 12 comparable credentials.

  • Outstanding co-curricular stats

  • Strong potential for and attributes in leadership.


The Nanyang Scholarship spans the whole length of the regular program on the condition that the recipient maintains a history of strong academic achievement and admirable behaviour.

  • Complete reimbursement of subsidized tuition expenses (after Tuition Grant).

  • $6,500 in living expenses for each academic session.

  • Up to S$2,000 in housing assistance is provided each school year.

  • (Only eligible to scholarship recipients who live at NTU residences.)

  • Up to $5,000 in travel assistance may be provided for an international program, subject to the terms and restrictions of the Travel Grant Form.

  • A $1,750 computer stipend (one-off).

  • Except for the three-year bond required of all Singapore Permanent Residents and foreign students under the MOE Tuition Grant Scheme, the Nanyang Scholarship has no bonds tied. to learn more and how to apply click here.

4. National University Of Singapore Scholarships

The Nanyang Scholarship is for Undergraduate Programs, whereas the National University of Singapore Scholarships are for Full-Time Masters and PhD. Degree Programs. Singapore is home to the National Institution of Singapore, a national research institution. to learn more click here.

Numerous undergraduate scholarships and prizes are available from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in honour of exceptional academic performance, leadership abilities, and unique skills.

5.  Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship

While the Nanyang Scholarship is for undergraduate programs, the Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship is for full-time master’s and doctoral degree programs. The NTU Singapore University is ranked third in Asia and eleventh worldwide.

The Nanyang President’s Graduate Scholarship (NPGS) is a dynamic and esteemed scholarship program created to inspire excellent graduates or final-year students to enrol in a full-time PhD program at NTU as their first milestone toward a successful research path.


Singapore is a good choice if you are looking to further your education with scholarships and it is available to all individuals from all nationalities. there are many schools in Singapore that give students the opportunity to study with scholarships.

If you are successful in receiving financing from one of the aforementioned scholarship programs, moving to Singapore won’t be as far off as it once was.  Your approval could even make your load appear less heavy. wishing you success with your applications.

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