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Roku is a brand of hardware digital media players. They offer access to streaming media content from various online services.

The Roku Ultra 2020 offers faster streaming and improved wireless performance.

Roku Ultra 2020 is the latest version, and it includes new perks like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos streaming to the system

it’s also rated for better wireless streaming across longer distances.

the newly refreshed streaming set-top box has an improved Wi-Fi antenna for longer reach, and there’s been some improvements to the overall responsiveness of the player.

it also has an ethernet port that will help folks who keep the Roku right next to their router.

The Ultra can stream 4K HDR content, supports loads of apps and services, and its remote includes a headphone jack for privately listening to whatever you’re watching.

The 2020 Roku Ultra looks and feels very similar to the 2019 version.

with a 4.9-by-5.0-inch (HW) rounded square design just one inch tall, all in matte black plastic.

Roku’s continuing to add content and features, with the Roku Channel getting the entire series of popular TV show 24, and films .

A recent software update added HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support to the Roku Ultra 2020, making the streaming box work better with iPhones and other Apple devices.

the right edge has a button for the remote finder feature, which makes the remote beep when you press it.

The front of the Ultra has a small window for the indicator LED, which glows white when the device is on.

Roku’s included Voice Remote is a thin, chunky black wand with a purple Roku tag on the bottom and a big, purple, plus-shaped navigation pad near the top, along with a pinhole microphone.

The built-in microphone in the remote can be used to search for content, control playback, and open apps on the Ultra.

Power, Home, and Back buttons sit above the pad, while playback controls and dedicated service buttons for Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and Sling sit below it.

the Roku Ultra comes with a pair of earphones, an HDMI cable, the power adapter, and batteries for the remote.

For streaming other content from your devices, you can use the Roku app for Android and iOS, which also enables remote control and private listening through your phone. 

The Roku Ultra also supports screen casting, which is useful feature when you have a roomful of friends who all want to share their favorite YouTube clip as well as HomeKit and AirPlay 2 support.

the Roku Ultra is one of the cheapest to come with Dolby Atmos/Vision 4K HDR streaming. Where speed and performance are concerned, it’s a very good value. 

Roku simply has more streaming options. It has no hack in the streaming services race and no on-going feuds, and can therefore happily support all of them. 

the Roku ultra 2020 has a Great performance, Lots of high-quality channels, Inventive remote control, Dolby Vision HDR and a USB port for external media.

The Roku interface is straightforward and easy to understand, with rows of tiles for your apps.

you can launch your favorite apps or Channels, as Roku calls them. Just hold down the voice search button and ask for an app I said “Load YouTube” and then hold down the 1 or 2 until you hear a beep.

Searching the Roku channels section, you will find anything and everything else.

You get the basics Netflix, Prime Video, ESPN, YouTube, Hulu, Disney Plus, Sling, plus Vimeo, Spotify, Tubi and Plex.

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Roku ultra price

The Roku Ultra 2020 costs $99.99 .

the Roku Ultra is more than just a 4K streaming device, $100 is a high price for UHD streaming these days.

despite the overwhelming similarities. It’s not the cheapest ticket to Dolby Vision streaming.

if you only have $100 set aside for a new streaming player, and you want it to have access to nearly every major streaming service plus new formats Dolby Atmos/Vision and one of the best universal search functions anywhere, the Roku Ultra is a phenomenal value.

to learn more about Roku devices CLICK HERE.

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