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reflexmath.com | go student login – reflex math is full of games that students love, this takes students at every level and helps them to gain math fluency and confidence.

Teachers and parents love the response that lets them control progress also appreciate success.

Reflex math uses research-proven methods and advanced science to deliver the most effective math fact fluency available. Across multiple grade levels, assessments, and systematize tests.

Reflex math makes it easier for the student to understand math facts fluently and be prepared for more complex math.

Assessment, coaching, and practice are delivered via a fun, game-based approach. And because it is fully adaptive, students get the individualized instruction they need to be successful.

students can also learn via fun on reflex math


Students learn through a variety of exciting, fast-paced games that require answering math facts to succeed, Students earn tokens for effort and progress.

Reflex includes intuitive and powerful reporting for teachers, schools, and districts. It’s simple to monitor student usage and progress and to celebrate student success.

Math fact fluency is a foundational skill that predicts standardized test performance across a variety of assessment items.

Reflex helps build students in speed, accuracy, and performance to meet standards and assessments, in order to be to tackle challenging mathematical problems.

Reflex is individualized and works for children with various needs, goals, and skills.

it also helps in helping students with disabilities such as dyslexia as well as students with cognitive disabilities, to learn more click here.

Reflex math is used for RTI, Reflex improved scores for at-risk middle school students, and is more effective than other math fact fluency methods for 2rd and 3rd-grade students.

RTI Solution, Reflex serves students at all intervention tiers and helps them to learn more and succeed, to learn more about this you can do that by clicking here.

Reflex has live instructor-led online webinars that help teachers make the most of all the tools and features in Reflex math.

a game-based adaptive and individualized math fact fluency system. to learn more about this feature you can visit the official website by clicking here

you will be given a free 30 day trial for Adaptive and individualized learning.

on the trial version you will gain access to the student management feature, usage and fluency growth reporting, full access for one teacher and their students, anytime and anywhere access for both the teacher and students.

Studies show statistically significant, positive results for Reflex users, and meet ESSA’s Moderate Evidence requirements.

independent, third-party review for two studies is also available at The National Center for Intensive Intervention [NCII].

To learn more about Reflex math and learn more about the amazing features and benefits you can do that by clicking here.


How to login to reflex math

  • Visit their official website by clicking HERE for the direct page
  • type in your teacher username
  • select your class name
  • select your name from the list of students in your class
  • type in your password
  • Click on the login button.
student login on Reflex math

the above step is for those who are trying to login into their student’s account on Reflex math.

you can either log in as an Educator or a Parent account all you need is just your username and password then you are good to go.

Reflex app

The app is easy for kids to learn their math quickly and easily, students easily log in to their account with the use of an iPad or computer to learn as a student to become an expert in their math.

you can install the app on your iPad download the reflex student app through the iTunes store. CLICK HERE for the direct page.

Reflex is an effective system for mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 


How to reset your password on reflex math

the process is very easy; you can change your password by following the easy steps listed below

  • visit their website or you can also click HERE for the homepage for a quick link
  • Click on forgot password
  • type the email used in registering for the website when the account was first created
  • open the email used when registering for reflex math, if you didn’t receive any message in your inbox check your spam/junk.
  • Click on the link that was sent by reflex math in your email then go through the step to put in a new password. Make sure your new password is a minimum of six characters long.


How to add students on reflex math

on the webpage where you first log in, you will find the “welcome to reflex math” screen helps you to get started. If you need to make use of reflex with the student, all you need to do is to create a class then add students to it

  • Click on add your students to reflex to get started
  • Select on adding a new student to add students manually
  • Type in the student details in the new window. A page with * is needed, it better you are making use of the student ID number based on your school or region. when you are, click on add student.
  • You will see a confirmation message on the screen along with the student information, which you can also print as your login card. Click on OK to exit then continue your new class where you need to add more students.
  • Now your class will be named “my first class” automatically if you need to change it, click on class settings then edit the class name. you can decide to add an additional teacher or change the class owner, tap on save to finish.

How to recover my reflex math username and  password

 this can be done in many ways by sending your login details sent to your email. when you want to log in to reflex,  you will find “forgot your password” click the bottom of the login area. Click on the link then type in your email address to get your teacher or administration username, your password will be sent to you.


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