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Protect your privacy using Mozilla VPN

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Mozilla VPN is an open-source virtual private network web browser extension developed by Mozilla, with its main purpose is to give users an ultra-secure and fast connection it was officially launched on July 15 2020 as Mozilla VPN, available on Windows 10, android, mac, ios and Linux.
it is now available in the united states, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, the united kingdom and Malaysia however, the company says there are plans to expand to other countries.
available in 6 countries
It has a free and paid version, the free version uses the American Cloudflare service while the paid version uses the Swedish mullvard VPN and it costs 4.99$/month.  


the Mozilla VPN runs on a global network of servers powered by mullvad using the WireGuard protocol to encrypt your network, hide your IP address, hides location data from the website accessed by the user, keeps your online activity private on any network including public networks safe from prying eyes and hackers, mullvad puts your privacy first and does not keep logs of any kind.

protecting your browsing data including your data and media files

Compared to existing VPN protocols, WireGuard’s lightweight code is easier for security analysts to review and audit making it a more secure option for the VPN.






Mozilla uses WireGuard powered servers a new and high-speed VPN protocol that creates secure point to point connections and aims for better performance and reliability.

creates a secure point to point connection


effective VPN implementation, Mozilla offers its VPN mostly on security and privacy other than website unblocking, Download speeds and test connections are also at a high rate.

As the masterminds of firefox, Mozilla VPN service are engineered with the highest standards for your privacy and security, although it does not have the best quality when it comes to the VPN market. The Mozilla VPN was built to encourage transparency and give users more control over their data and privacy.

The utility may have begun as a browser extension, but Mozilla VPN is now a fully independent product that offers you end to end encryption, with its user-friendly interface you have nothing to worry about.

mozilla vpn interface

The service is a limited 280+ servers in 30+ countries that use servers from the excellent mullvand VPN it links via the WireGuard protocol to provide you with the foremost experience ever, a well-known pioneer on internet privacy with its main aim of assuring you of your privacy and a name you can trust.


With just one tap to privacy, the Mozilla VPN interface is very plain, simple and easy to operate. A small

tab shows you your present location, to change your location you will find a switch with just one/off tap

and you are good to go.


one tap to privacy



You can stream, surf, game, download without limits, ISP throttling and monthly caps, do whatever you want without having to bother about how fast your network speed is, with its rapid and swift connections within seconds you have got nothing to worry about.


Mozilla has been a pioneer for online privacy since it’s initiative ever since and is assuring you your privacy comes first, your logs and online activity are not been stored on its servers.


they strictly adhere to Mozilla’s data privacy principles and only collect the most minimal data required to keep the VPN healthy and operational, This link below shows you the privacy principles. Mozilla.privacy





Among other features, the kill switch is also a very important and exceptional feature for the VPN,

it automatically switches in if the VPN drops disconnecting your computer phone or tablet from

the internet until the VPN connection is restored. With a kill switch, there is no possibility that your IP

address can be exposed or your internet connection is compromised.





One of the amazing features is that it allows you to connect up to five devices at a go and they all

must be registered using a specific device, in case you plan on getting a new device you

have to remove the support on the old device for the new one to work perfectly okay.

connect up to five devices
  • To add a device open the Mozilla VPN app

  • Sign in to your firefox account (required only for the first time, then you are good to go)


Once you exceed the device limit, you will be unable to log in to the VPN until you remove other

logged-in devices.


  • To remove a device open the Mozilla VPN app

  • Tap my devices to display a list of already registered devices

  • Click the trash icon next to the registered account you want to delete 


You won’t be able to remove the device that you are currently using to access the app.



Before you can use the Mozilla VPN you have to sign up, once you are done with that you are

insured with a 30-day money-back guarantee after purchasing the subscription and in case

you don’t like it you will get a refund.



You can only purchase the monthly subscription through your credit card,

no other means of payment is accepted at the moment except through your credit card.




You can also use the Mozilla VPN with some certain android apps to do this

* you open the Mozilla VPN and tap the settings icon

* tap app permissions

* tap the switch next to protect specific apps

* mark the apps you want to connect to the VPN

how to use on specific apps in adroid


Mozilla points users to the mullvad. privacypolicy more details on their privacy policy and explain there’s

no logging of traffic, IP addresses, DNS requests, bandwidth used or session times.


Thinking of giving it a try click here vpn.Mozilla





Ultra-Fast, advanced, nice interface, easy to use, amazing features, Cheap and affordable, Mozilla VPN

is a good choice to make for personal use, might not have a few nice features but it is definitely a great

choice to secure your privacy and high-speed internet and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you

feel otherwise. You can subscribe on a monthly basis to receive unlimited data for the duration of the




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