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Mozilla VPN Review: How To Protect Your Privacy Using Mozilla VPN

By: osinachi
Published: February 21, 2021
Mozilla VPN is a transparent virtual private network (VPN) browser – based plugin created by Mozilla with the goal of providing users with a highly fast and reliable connection. it is compatible with Windows 10, Android, Mac OS X, iOS, and Linux.
available in 6 countries
It comes in two flavors: free and paid. The free version makes use of the American Cloudflare service, while the premium version makes use of the Swedish mullvard VPN and costs $4.99 per month.

Privacy And Security

The Mozilla VPN is driven by mullvad and uses the WireGuard guidelines to authenticate your connectivity, conceal your IP address, hide area data from websites you visit, and keep your internet usage private on any network, including open networks, safe from snoopers and cyber criminals. Mullvad prioritizes your private data and does not keep any records.protecting your browsing data including your data and media files

WireGuard’s simple code is easier for security researchers to study and audit than conventional VPN protocols, making it a more secure VPN alternative.


Features Of The Mozilla VPN

Speed And Performance:

Mozilla makes use of WireGuard-powered servers, a new high-speed VPN technique that establishes secure point-to-point links with the goal of improving quality and durability.


creates a secure point to point connection


Mozilla’s VPN focuses on privacy protection rather than website unblocking. Download speeds and test connections are very impressive.

Mozilla VPN service is created with the greatest standards for your privacy and security as the masterminds of Firefox, while not having the best quality in the VPN industry. The Mozilla VPN was created to promote openness and provide users more control over their personal information and privacy.

Mozilla VPN began as a browser plugin, but it is now a fully separate solution that provides end-to-end security and a user-friendly layout.


mozilla vpn interface



The service is restricted to 280plus servers in 30+ nations, all of which use servers from the excellent mullvand VPN, which it connects to through the WireGuard procedure to give you the best experience possible. mullvand VPN is a well-known frontrunner in digital privacy, with the main goal of ensuring your privacy and a name you can confide.

The Mozilla VPN interface is incredibly clear, straightforward, and easy to use, with only one tap to protection. A little tab displays your current location; to change it, simply hit the switch with one/off tap and you’re ready to go.


one tap to privacy

There Are No Bandwidth Limitations.


You may livestream, game, and download without worrying about ISP blocking or monthly quotas; you can do everything you want without worrying about your connection speeds; with its speedy and fast connections within seconds, you have nothing to fear over.

Since its inception, Mozilla has been a forerunner for online privacy, promising you that your privacy comes first, and that your logs and online activities are not saved on its databases.

They follow Mozilla’s data privacy standards to the letter, collecting just the information needed to maintain the VPN healthy and working. click this link to learn more. Mozilla.privacy



Kill Switch For Mozilla VPN

The kill switch is one of the VPN’s most significant and unique functions; it instantly changes in whenever the VPN connection drops, removing your computer, phone, or tablet from the internet until the VPN connection has been established. With a kill switch, your IP address will never be revealed, and your internet connection will never be jeopardized.


How Do I Add And Remove A Device From Mozilla VPN


One of the best features is that it enables you to connect up to five devices at once, each of which must be recognized using a unique device. If you want to obtain a new device, you must remove the support on the old one in order for the new one to operate properly.


connect up to five devices
  • Open the Mozilla VPN app to add a device.

  • Log in to your Mozilla Firefox account “required only for the first time, then you are good to go”

You won’t be able to connect in to the VPN until you delete all other logged-in devices once you’ve reached the device maximum.

  • Open the Mozilla VPN app to delete a device.


  • To see a list of already registered devices, tap My Devices.


  • To delete a registered account, click the trash icon next to it.

You won’t be able to deactivate the app from the device you’re currently using to access it.


You must first sign up before using the Mozilla VPN; after you have done so, you are covered by a 30-day money-back warranty after buying the service; if you don’t like it, you will receive a refund.

You can only pay for the monthly subscription with your bank card right now; no other method of payment is approved.

How To Use Mozilla VPN With Specific Android Apps


You can also do this with the Mozilla VPN and a few Android apps.

* You launch Mozilla VPN and select the settings option.

* Go to the app’s permissions page.

* To safeguard individual applications, press the switch next to them.

* Check the boxes next to the applications you wish to connect to the VPN.


how to use on specific apps in adroid



Mozilla directs users to mullvad. privacy-policy for further information on their privacy policy, which states that no traffic, IP addresses, DNS queries, bandwidth consumed, or session periods are logged.


Thinking of giving it a try click here vpn.Mozilla





Fast, advanced, good interface, simple to use, incredible features Mozilla VPN is a fantastic alternative for private use since it is cheap and inexpensive. It may lack a few lovely features, but it is a terrific way to protect your privacy and access high-speed internet, and it comes with a 30-day money-back warranty if you don’t like it. You can register to obtain unlimited data for the term of the subscription by paying a monthly fee.

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