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List Of Best Backup Solutions For Office 365

By: Osinachi
Published: April 5, 2022

Explore the finest recovery and backup alternatives for Microsoft Office 365. Automated backups, monitoring, and deduplication are just a few of the things to look into.

Regarding Microsoft 365 clients, having a robust and adaptive Office 365 backup and recovery solution in hand is becoming crucial. Backup and recovery software captures a snapshot of a document, database, or even a whole system and writes it to a separate storage media so that it can be recovered later.

This implies that any content that is unintentionally lost can be quickly restored, but it also protects files from ransomware assaults. When a hacker holds important files until the victim pays a ransom, this is referred to as a ransomware attack.

Microsoft Office 365 does not come with a built-in backup. The presets, on aggregate, merely secure info for 30-90 days. When corporations think their networks are stored but later discover that data have vanished, this can cause a slew of problems. However, if Microsoft has not yet addressed it, you may wonder why backups and recovery are so critical.

Also with the threat of attack on the rise, it’s more important than ever to get a solid backup and restore plan in place to protect your info in the case of infringement.

Throughout this post, we’ll look at the best backup and recovery alternatives for protecting your business from loss of data. Authentic backups, reversal and restorations, role-based accessibility to backups and statistics, and security of remote sites and cloud service activities are among the capabilities available.

We will offer you a basic insight on the supplier, as well as the essential characteristics of each service and the group of consumers for whom they’re most suited.

There are a variety of Office 365 backup solutions available today, but these are the ones we recommend. let’s dive into it.

1. Veeam Backup For Microsoft Office 365

Veeam Backup For Microsoft Office 365

Data from Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) should be backed up. Microsoft 365 offers a number of useful services. Veeam® Backup for Microsoft 365 removes the danger of losing control and access to your Office 365 content, such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Enterprise, and Microsoft Teams, ensuring that your information is always available and secure.

Veeam is among the top market leaders in data security for Office 365 with over 8.5M+ users with underpaid contracts, 210K+ Product downloads and 25K+ Customers.

It is a worldwide leader in backup and recovery systems, with the highest market share in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and the third-largest globally.

Veeam provides a variety of services to meet the needs of businesses, with their Backup & Replication service being among their most famous. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is a standalone product that protects and restores Microsoft Office 365 documents.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 allows customers to store their information in Microsoft’s native format as frequently just like every 5 minutes, making data recovery much faster. The adaptability of this system is one of its main advantages. When it comes to data recoveries, Veeam provides 25 solutions to address all scenarios, ranging from full recovery to more precise data recovery software.

Subscribers can also choose between standard item-level storing and snapshot-based progressive storage when it comes to storage.

Businesses can store their information in whatever way works best for them: on-premises with internal memory or in the cloud with one of the various sample storage alternatives available, such as Azure Blob, IBM Cloud and AWS S3.

Users commend Veeam’s product for being simple to operate once set up, thanks to the user-friendly dashboard design. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is a solid solution for midmarket and business groups searching for good backup because of its versatility. Small organizations, on the other hand, should also not feel left out: Veeam has released Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Community Edition, which covers up to 10 customers for free and has no performance restrictions.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 is offered in yearly subscriptions ranging from one to five years. The bigger the savings, the longer the annual subscription. Permissions are offered per person (a baseline of ten licenses is needed) and include Production Support 24×7. Exchange Online, Exchange On-Premises, SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premises, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams are all supported by all licenses.

eeam Backup For Microsoft Office 365 cost

They keep things simple by offering a license plan that corresponds to your Office 365 usage. Per-user licensing with a one-time payment. Includes production assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Druva – Data Resiliency Cloud

Druva’s SaaS technology protects data spanning cloud services, cloud apps, and endpoints. Users can optimize their safety while lowering administrative costs thanks to their native cloud infrastructure.

Druva Phoenix is a flexible, cloud-based solution that protects information about human mistakes, data theft, and consequences for non-compliance due to loopholes in information protection regulations. It also provides administrators with important information about your Microsoft Office 365 data and activities through an interface.

It identifies, assesses, and reacts to security breaches before they cause harm. When data is accidentally deleted, the system utilizes an automatic scan and restoration capability to return it to its initial position. The technology also protects against ransomware and warns users when their info is at stake.

Druva - Data Resiliency Cloud

Data backups in this system are all subject to the same uniform maintenance program, allowing administrators to simply audit data adherence. Network administrators may view data activity periodically by account from the centre console, making it easier to identify and resolve private data concerns in the field.

Every one of their services is accessible both on-premises and in the data centre, and they may support both branch and distant operations as well as the corporate headquarters. Administrators can track retrieval progress throughout all covered endpoints from a single system, from anywhere.

For mid-market and corporate enterprises, we suggest it as a solid, complete SaaS backup and recovery service.

3. Acronis – All-In-One Cyber Protection

Acronis is a well-known developer of backup software, data recovery, and encrypted data access. Acronis’ Cyber Backup service is a file backup and disaster recovery program that also includes a secure file syncing and sharing capability.

Cyber Restore is one of the quickest recoveries tools available in the market, thanks to Acronis’ run VM innovation, which provides swift recovery that reduces user downtime and increases efficiency. Cyber Backup can be purchased separately or as part of Acronis’ Cyber Security package, which provides automatic infrastructure, web, and intrusion prevention.

Acronis - All-In-One Cyber Protection

Acronis’ Cyber Backup system utilizes Ai systems to provide preventive anti-ransomware, preventing unwanted file change and protection. It validates the legitimacy of backup copies before restoring them to guarantee total security, and it restores them quickly and consistently.

Network operators benefit from unrivalled flexibility of interaction and automation, which reduces complexity while enhancing productivity and lowering operational expenses.

4. Rubrik Cloud Vault

Rubrik has 3 primary back-ups and restores product lines: Rubrik Cloud Data Management (RCDM), which is their fundamental backup platform; Polaris, which is a SaaS-based tool; and Mosaic, which protects NoSQL operations.

Rubrik Polaris, a SaaS solution, categorizes all of your different datasets into a solid metadata system and integrates all of your corporate data to allow it accessible and useable, no matter where it is. Rubrik Polaris helps you to leverage the business benefits buried in your digital assets by combining all of your metadata from multiple information sources into a single centralized database.

Rubrik Polaris Cloud Vault

Polaris’ backups are lengthy and grow with the O365 operations of the organisation. Users may restore entire backups as well as more specific backups, such as a OneDrive folder or a single email. The folder search feature enables users to rapidly locate specific backups, creating a seamless retrieval.

Polaris also includes Radar, a machine learning-based technology that monitors the Polaris recovery infrastructure for any unexpected behaviour, allowing the solution to swiftly identify and mitigate ransomware attacks before they pose a risk. The computer vision component keeps threat intelligence current, protecting data from emerging risks.

Rubrik Polaris enables businesses to safeguard their data within minutes after subscribing to the service. The solution is perfectly compatible with Office 365 and Azure subscriptions and can be linked to them using OAuth. All data and metadata are secured and stored within the Azure membership of the company. Polaris is a powerful backup and disaster recovery platform for bigger businesses seeking for a simple to implement and maintain a remote backup.

5. SolarWinds Backup

SolarWinds is a company that specializes in IT technology. SolarWinds Backup is a cloud-based data recovery tool for hardware and software, terminals, important corporate documentation, and Microsoft Office 365. It secures enterprises in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid settings, regardless of where they are in their cloud migration.

The system is administered from a single centralized panel and includes archiving in SolarWinds’ worldwide private cloud for quick and reliable backup.

SolarWinds Backup

SolarWinds Backup is designed to move data quickly over a wide area network (WAN) among an organization’s information systems and their worldwide remote server. Because backups are stored in their own cloud, there is no need for hardware, which helps to lessen the load on available resources.

It has a cross managed platform that allows administrators to monitor recovery progress, plan backups, and restore data throughout all servers, workstations, and mission-critical apps from a single location. This removes the need for numerous backup systems and simplifies platform management.

SolarWinds Recovery has been developed with the data centre in mind, and it’s geared for fast data transfers that uses less traffic and system capacity. Users like this service because it’s simple to set up and has automated features for backup planning that minimize the necessity of human settings. SolarWinds Backup is a proper option for MSPs and companies seeking straightforward and-manage backup and restores solutions with personal cloud services.

6. AvePoint

A Microsoft 365 backup service is one of AvePoint’s several backup options. Their solution includes data from Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive, and also data from Office 365 Communities, Microsoft Teams, and other services. Public directories, such as emails, acquaintances, and posts, as well as Project Management and Planner information, are also included. AvePoint offers detailed recovery and also offline recovery, 

They also provide a wide range of backup, restore, and data security solutions. Data analysis, document management, accountability, and consumer activities are examples of related programs that may be used in combination with AvePoint backup for Microsoft 365 with complete compliance.

Move, reorganize, and alter shared material with improved speed, reliability, and integrity. Improve supervision and cooperation while scaling adoption and IT operations with automated management. Better control, trust level, and adherence throughout multiple engagement systems to minimize risk.

AvePoint ransomware detection service

Early detection, rapid action, and speedy recovery ensure ransomware durability. In the worst-case situation, our backed-up data is meant to keep you secure.

7. Altaro Office 365 Backup

Altaro Office 365 Backup

Altaro is a brand provider of backup and recovery services for small businesses and managed service providers. Altaro Office 365 Backup is a Microsoft Office 365 replicated and restore technology platform for backing up Office 365 mails and data stored in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Because Office 365 Backup is cloud-based, it’s simple to set up and use. The system is also simple to maintain thanks to a centralized cloud control panel where administrators may set up comprehensive and selective data recoveries.

Admins may track and control an agency’s archives from a centralized web portal, which displays existing operational operations, recovery records, and the general health of the enterprise. Companies can leverage the dashboard to restore complete or fragmented mailboxes, delivering recovered material to the initial mailbox, another mailbox inside the company, or a protected zipped document at the person’s choice.

Altaro has great customer service; their technical staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a response time of less than 1 minute. Altaro Office 365 Recovery is incredibly extensible, making it an excellent choice for small businesses to large corporations seeking a user-friendly recovery service.

8. SkyKick

SkyKick is yet another comprehensive Microsoft 365 backup option, although it doesn’t offer a lot of other networks for other functions, only the backup system and a unique transfer tool. Transfer (emails, calendar, contact details, activities, memos and articles), OneDrive (records, directories, documents, and formats), and Teams (messaging, schedule of events, contact information are all included in the storage device.


Information is secure during backup and transmission, and it’s stored entirely inside an Azure atmosphere, with all of the associated adherence and safety.

9. Carbonite Backup

Carbonite Backup

Carbonite, which was recently bought by information management giant OpenText, focuses on data security from conception to disposal. They safeguard the data of over 100,000 small enterprises throughout the world. Carbonite Backup for M365 is a data backup product for Microsoft’s whole suite of 365 apps, providing extensive backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Carbonite’s service, once installed and connected with Microsoft Active Directory, allows administrators to restore whole sites as well as specific document restorations, supporting email exchanges.

The backup key is protected and transferred to a safe Microsoft Azure auxiliary server. Three to 4 times each day, these backups are done automatically. Admins may control backups from a private internet panel, in which they can view backup data, management reporting, APIs, and exports, as well as set up role-based authorization.

Carbonite’s basic search function makes data recovery quick and straightforward, allowing administrators to restore files based on the user, subject line, and document category, among other criteria. Finally, the package includes Carbonite’s expert team’s 24/7 integration and recovery help, a service that other suppliers may cost further.

Carbonite Backup cost

they offer Unlimited backup, Secure, encrypted cloud, Remote file access from any device, Support for all files and photo types and so much more.

10. Backupify

Backupify is a remarkable backup solution in that it began as a consumer product and grew into an enterprise solution, rather than a consumer product becoming a scaled-down corporate solution. Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams data are all covered by their Microsoft 365 backup platform.

Automated backups are performed two to 3 times each day, newbies are detected and data from outgoing staff is archived automatically. All of this is also incredibly quick and simple to set up.

For quickly retrieving Office 365 data that has been unintentionally or deliberately lost, To prevent departing workers or unauthorized licenses from deleting Office 365 data, In order to protect against Office 365 app outages, unsuccessful third-party integrations, and ransomware attacks, You’ve been tasked with keeping control of the firm data you’ve been charged with protecting.

Backupify interface

Backupify’s smart retry logic allows it to effectively navigate Microsoft API throttling in order to protect TBs of data quickly. Its cloud-managed UI eliminates the need for on-premise facilities and allows administrators to check the backup status from anywhere at any time.


Microsoft does not take accountability for any damages that occur as a result of their disruptions, thus backing up your Microsoft Office 365 data is critical. Your firm has numerous options when it comes to backup solutions, but it’s critical to make sure that the one you pick includes vital features like limitless storage, security and compliance capabilities, and easy setup.

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