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How To Win Free Rewards With The Whataburger Survey

By: Osinachi
Published: March 15, 2022

Whataburger wants to hear from you! Customers are being asked to take part in a customer satisfaction survey right now. On a limited number of receipts, a survey invitation is now printed.

This is an online procedure where individuals may share their restaurant preferences. This survey aids in the restaurant’s expansion.

The restaurant allows people to learn about their customers’ requirements and difficulties through the survey. In fact, this can help them address problems and please their visitors. The consumer will receive free meals or a discount on vouchers for their next visit if they participate in the customer survey.

You must make a purchase at one of the participating Whataburger locations to be eligible to participate in the consumer survey. Keep your receipt once you’ve made your purchase since you’ll need it to join the survey.

About Whataburger

Whataburger is a fast-food restaurant brand located in the United States that specializes in burgers, chicken, shakes, fries, and other fast-food favourites.

It is recognized for introducing Texans to the cuisine on its menu in Corpus Christi. From its humble origins in Texas, the business has spread to states such as Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida, and it continues to expand.

Two pillars support the company’s expansion and growth. Its cuisine and customer service are both excellent. One of the company’s most prominent slogans is “Just the way you like it.” This tagline expresses their core ideals.

The food they eat, as well as the customer service they receive, are both products of listening to and acting on consumer input. This helps them stay ahead of competitors while also ensuring that they provide the finest customer service possible.

Whataburger Visit Survey

This is a private, well-known American restaurant. This restaurant offers a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and other items. It appears to be well-known; this should boost client satisfaction.

The “Whataburger survey” was born as a result of this. The client will now be able to share their opinion and continue to win prizes as a result of this survey. Because the survey method benefits both Whataburger and its customers.

The Whataburger consumer survey is now available both online and offline. You won’t be allowed to exit the contest in the midst if you need to win the survey.

The candidate will get the survey incentives once you have completed the survey. The participant will have to put up some work and energy in order to complete the survey. You can also take advantage of your prize during your next visit.

You will only be considered for the prize if you apply for the survey online. When you buy a little fry or a small drink, you get a complimentary Whataburger. The receipt, on the other hand, is only good for three days. Only legal residents of the United States of America will be permitted to take part. For each receipt you show, you are only permitted one admission; nevertheless, you are only allowed one visit at a time.

The Whataburger Survey’s Prize

Users must complete the Tellwhataburger customer survey in order to obtain prizes. The candidate will be given a free food voucher or a discount coupon as a prize.

In addition to the terms and conditions, the consumer will receive a meal discount. Sweepstakes are required if you want to win the coupon, which you will receive after participating. Before the end of the day, users will utilize their survey validation code. Alternatively, the code may be invalid.

Outline Of The Whataburger Survey

  • The survey name – Whataburger customer experience survey
  • The company name – Whataburger Restaurant
  • Purchase Required- Yes
  • Entry Procedure- Online/Offline
  • Rewards- With the purchase of medium beers and fries, you’ll get a free Whataburger.
  • Requirements- Validation code

To visit the official website Click here.

Requirements To Participate In The Survey

  • You must have made your purchase at one of the participating Whataburger locations.
  • A voucher that is no more than 3 days old is required.
  • You should be able to communicate in either English or Spanish at a basic level.
  • Have access to the internet via a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other internet-capable device
  • Allow 5–10 minutes to complete the survey questions.
  • Have a registered email address

Customers that take part in the survey will win free meal vouchers and discounts. On the website, there is no mention of the winner’s list. Customers that are affected will be notified by their registered phone number or email address. If you want to win a bar of free chocolate, there are also gift cards available.

Restrictions On The Survey

When participating in the survey, there are some guidelines to follow. All of this is spelt out in the terms and conditions of the business. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the terms and conditions’ limitations:

  • Everyone who takes part must be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • All participants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Employees of Whataburger are not permitted to take part in the poll, and customers must make a genuine purchase in order to participate.
  • The receipt from the purchase you made must be kept.
  • One receipt per person is allowed for the survey.
  • The Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other deal.
  • At none of the stores, the prize may be redeemed for cash.
  • You cannot participate in the survey if you are employed by Whataburger
  • The prize cannot be transferred from one person to the other

How To Complete The Customer Survey At

  1. Get a receipt when you buy a Whataburger at one of the select locations. Make sure the receipt you have is no older than three days before you begin the survey entry procedure.

2. Visit, the official site of the Whataburger Survey, on a pc, tablet, or smartphone.

whataburger customer survey

3. Depending on your taste, change the language to English or Spanish.

4. A popup will appear asking you to input a survey code. This survey code may be located at the bottom of the receipt you receive after making a purchase at a Whataburger location.

5. When you’ve completed entering the survey code, click the “Submit” button. At the bottom of the screen, click the orange start button. You’ll be sent to a set of questions. Answer the questions on the survey in a valid and trustworthy fashion.

6. Please rate your happiness with your most recent visit to Whataburger.

Answer questions on how you felt about the establishment’s customer service, the employees, the ambience, and the customer service you experienced. Ensure that the replies are as truthful as possible so that the establishment may benefit the most.

7. Next, fill in the required fields with your email address. This enables the organization to send you alerts about current deals and discounts, as well as future surveys you might be interested in taking part in.

8. Fill out the Whataburger survey with your remarks. After completing the survey, you will be given a coupon that may be used to get a free Whataburger when you buy small fries and beverages.

You can get all of the rewards if you follow our phase guidelines! Take advantage of the situation while it is still ACTIVE.


One of the ways the firm keeps its advantage is through Customers may provide feedback on the food and services they get by filling out the form. This information will assist them in making significant adjustments to their operations in order to suit the demands of their clientele.

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