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How To Set Up And Use The Viber Messenger App

By: osinachi
Published: March 7, 2021

Viber, formerly Rakuten Viber, is a cross chat and video call program that was published as freeware software for IOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Viber is a cheap, easy-to-use, quick, and secure chat software. It lets users to exchange media, images, and conduct video calls in addition to texting and making high-quality phone conversations.

On the network, there are over a billion registered members.

To use the Viber Messenger software, all you need is a data plan or access to the internet.

have access to high-definition video calls, plus free international calls, group chat, never-ending talking, and much more.

Viber Out, a paid landline and mobile calling service, is also available.

The program offers a user-friendly design and is simple to navigate.

It may be used to make and receive free voice and text calls with other Viber users.

A mobile telephone number is used to register and identify users.

It does not need you to register with a username and password; instead, you must provide your cell phone number, as this is how you will be recognized.

The Viber Messenger App’s Features

features of the Viber Messenger app
  • provides end-to-end protection to keep your chats secure, ensuring that no one, including Viber, can access your communications
  • Open a chatroom with up to 250 people and share your best memories together through text messages, media, videos, photographs, stickers, and GIFs.
  • Send voice chats and erase visible messages to keep your interactions private.
  • Users may make high-quality video calls to friends and family, as well as participate in group chats and video conversations with up to 20 people at once. They can also express their feelings using GIFs and stickers from the Viber sticker store.
  • You may create your own Viber group focused on any interests you have, engage with an endless number of individuals, and have more administrative power than ever before.
  • Users may share their whereabouts by sending messages to various recipients.
    So that your pals don’t miss out on anything, tag or mention them in a group.
  • Messages can be pinned to the top of your group’s screen.
  • Share your contact information with your friends.
  • You may modify messages, respond to them, and set up polls and quizzes.
  • It’s available in over 30 languages.

How To Create A Viber Account Step-by-Step

  • Launch the app by pressing on the app icon, enter your phone number, and select your country.
  • A four-digit confirmation code will be sent to the phone number you registered with as an SMS.
  • Enter the confirmation code to finalize your registration, and you’re all set.
You don’t need to add your contacts to your Viber account; Viber instantly synchronizes all of your connections with friends and family who have a Viber account; you may now call for free using the Viber app.
Before you can make calls, be sure the person you wish to reach has the app installed on his or her smartphone; otherwise, your call will be routed through the network operator.
You may also start having free talks by sending invites to your relatives and friends. Viber may also operate in the background, so you can be busy and still receive calls.

Group Calls On Viber

Group call featured image
When participants are already in a group chat or on a call, the new group function allows them to conduct audio calls with up to five individuals. Group Call let you call a group of friends, family, or coworkers at the same time, saving you time and hassle.

How To Make Group Calls From Your Group Chat

You may call up to 5 individuals in a chat group by hitting the call tab at the top of the screen. You can also ask someone who isn’t a member of the group to join the call, but this does not guarantee they will become a member.
how to make group calls

When Making A Call, How Do I Add Other Users?

You can add additional users to an existing 1 on 1 call without having to create a group chat; all you have to do is touch the Join to call option while on the call and then pick the people you want to add to the existing discussion; it also lets you know whether users are online or offline.
adding other users in ongoing call

How To Transfer Chats To Viber

transferring chats on Viber
Most internet users are concerned about their privacy, which has caused many of them to begin seeking for a new messenger service that is safe and secure. One of the primary reasons they find it difficult to leave previous platforms is that practically all of their data is stored there and cannot be moved.
I’ll show you how to move your group chats from Whatsapp to Viber step by step in this article.
using an iPhone:
  • Open Viber, then click Create a Group from the new conversation button in the top right corner.
    Add users by selecting them.
  • Select “Add participants using the link” from the Group menu.
  • Choose between copying and sharing the link.
  • Then, on Whatsapp, paste the URL you copied into the chats you want. If you click “share link,” you will be able to choose which Whatsapp people you want to share the link with.

On Android, go to:

  • Start Viber, then pick a new group by tapping the purple button in the bottom right corner.
    Add users by selecting them.
  • Select “Add participants through the link” from the three dots in the upper right corner, then “Chat Info.”
  • Choose between copying and sharing the link.
  • Then, on Whatsapp, paste the URL you copied into the chats you want. If you click “share link,” you will be able to choose which Whatsapp people you want to share the link with.
Anyone with the URL you posted on Whatsapp may join your new Viber group. This link is compatible with any chat app.
To download the app visit the play store or click this link, click on install, then you are good to go.
To learn more you can visit their official website at
Thanks for reading.
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