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Complete Guide On How To Use The Dropbox App And Get Started As A New User

By: Osinachi
Published: April 18, 2021

Anyone may use Dropbox to upload and move files to the cloud, as well as share them with others. Back up and sync your documents, photos, videos, and other items to cloud storage so you can access them from anywhere.

Dropbox integrates smoothly with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, ensuring that your data are backed up to the cloud and in sync across various machines without any hassle.

It’s also simple to share documents and transfer files—large or small—to family, friends, coworkers, and colleagues thanks to extensive sharing tools.

Dropbox provides a beautiful, simple, and elegant interface for organizing all of your files. The interface for managing synchronization settings and bandwidth use is simple, and the speeds are among the best we’ve experienced from any service.

While the desktop applications are very rudimentary in terms of functionality, the web interface is a victory that other cloud storage providers would do well to study. Media may be played directly from the web, and files and folders open in a flash.

The Dropbox mobile applications feature the same clean style and smooth functionality as the desktop apps; you can simply access all of your files and folders, as well as upload files from phones and tablets.

interface of the Dropbox mobile version

Dropbox offers both a free 30-day trial and a premium edition. You may discover more about the price by CLICK HERE.

The Dropbox App’s Features

  • When you install Dropbox on your Windows or macOS computer, anything you put in your Dropbox folder is automatically synchronized to and from the cloud.
  • To minimize space on your hard disk, you can select to keep data only in the cloud.
  • The mobile applications are also useful, as they can back up images and videos made on your phone if necessary.
  • Copy and paste a URL you may offer to anybody, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account, to easily share huge files.
  • Synchronize documents on your PC or Mac to Dropbox with pc backup, and use version history and file recovery to recover previous versions or restore lost files.
  • Scanning papers, invoices, IDs, photographs, and more with your mobile smartphone into high-quality PDFs that you can read and email anywhere

To discover more about Dropbox’s other fantastic features CLICK HERE.

Sign up for a free Dropbox Plus trial right now. You’ll get 2 TB (2,000 GB) of storage capacity, which is plenty for storing data from all of your connected devices.

They’ve added some additional features to your Plus package as well: Dropbox Passwords allows you to save and sync passwords across all of your devices, while Dropbox Vault allows you to safeguard and organize your most important documents. You may rollback any file, folder, or your whole Dropbox account for up to 30 days using Dropbox Rewind.

Customers who already have Dropbox Plus can upgrade to Dropbox Professional. You may keep anything from professional projects to personal images on 3 TB (3,000GB). You can also put a watermark to your work, implement shared link controls, and reverse your membership for up to 180 days.

How Do I Log Into Dropbox?

You must be logged in to use Dropbox on, the Dropbox desktop software, or the Dropbox mobile app. You can create an account if you don’t already have one.

NOTE: When you sign in to the desktop or mobile app on a device, that device is added to your device list in your account settings’ security page.

To sign in using a web browser, go to in a web browser > you’ll be offered the choice of signing in using your email and password, Google, or Apple. If you don’t already have an account, click Sign up.

Click your avatar (profile photo or initials) and then Sign out to exit the Dropbox web browser.

Login to the Desktop Application

If you’re not logged in when you install the Dropbox desktop version, you’ll be requested to sign in as soon as you open it. You may sign in with your email address and password, Google, or Apple. If you don’t already have an account, click Create an account.

If you’re signed into one account and want to sign into a connected account:

  • Open the Dropbox desktop app’s settings.
  • Select Account from the drop-down menu. The email address associated with your connected account will be shown.
  • Click Sign in next to your associated account.

Sign Into The Mobile App

The procedures stated below should be followed after installing the Dropbox mobile app. You may sign in with your email address and password, Google, or Apple. If you don’t already have an account, click Sign up.

If you’re already signed into one account and want to sign into another:

  • Open the Dropbox app on your phone.
  • For Android, tap the menu icon, and for iPhone/iPad, tap the gear symbol. There will be a link to your associated account there.
  • Tap Sign in under your associated account.

Sign Out Of The Desktop App

  • Open the Dropbox desktop app’s settings.
  • Select Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Sign out by clicking the Sign out button.
  • Click Sign out next to the account you’d like to sign out of if you have any associated accounts. Both accounts will remain connected, and one will remain logged in.
  • To confirm, click Sign out once again.

Sign Out Of The Mobile App

  • Open the Dropbox app on your phone.
  • On an Android device, tap the menu icon; on an iPhone or iPad, tap the gear symbol.
  • You must be in the mobile settings of the account you want to sign out of if you have linked accounts. If this isn’t the case, swap accounts.
  • Sign out of this Dropbox by using the Sign Out button.

Download Dropbox

Before you can download the applications to any of your devices, you must first fill in your phone number in the blank box, then select “text me the link,” which will send you the download link as a Message. Simply open the link in your computer browser, and the download will begin in a matter of seconds.

You can change it to your email address if you don’t want to enter in your phone number.

how to download Dropbox

Simply fill in your email address, for example,, then click on Email me the link, a link will be sent to the email address you typed in > click on the link, and the download will begin in a few seconds.

  • To install Dropbox on your Windows computer click here

Thanks for reading.

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