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How To Login Into Flipgrid As A Student

By: Osinachi
Published: March 15, 2022

Flipgrid is a platform that allows instructors to create “grids” to help students participate in video conversations. Every grid is similar to a message board where instructors may submit “topics” and their students can respond with video responses that appear on a tiled grid screen.

Flipgrid is available to all educators, students, and families at no cost. By creating and sharing short, fantastic movies, you may help to empower every voice in your school or at home together

Flipgrid Student Login

  • Click HERE to go to their website.
  • Sign up with your Microsoft or Google email address.
Flipgrid Student Login
  • Alternatively, you may use the standard login (email address and password you created when registering for Flipgrid)
  • Click on the Flipgrid login button.

To establish a Flipgrid instructor account, you must be at least 18 years old. By creating an educator account, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Flipgrid App

Flipgrid is the most popular video chat platform, with millions of students, teachers, and families using it all around the world. As they discuss their thoughts and concepts with their classmates on Flipgrid, students establish and promote the social community of learners.

The schools, instructors, and students that create Flipgrid material are the ones who fund it. We don’t sell to kids, and we make sure Flipgird and its partners adopt adequate security measures to encourage student participation while maintaining student security.

Click HERE to get the app for Android, For iPhone users, go HERE.

How To Sign Up For Flipgrid

  • Register either by your Microsoft account or your Google account.
How To Sign Up For Flipgrid
  • Then you are good to go

Accounts are not required for students or participants. Enter your flip code inside the box provided.

How Can Students Use Flipgrid

  • Students should choose a topic and then press the green + button to begin recording.
  • Record a video by flipping the camera and pausing or holding the camera during recording.
  • Rewatch the video to acquire confidence and limitless reshoots.
  • Take a picture and customize the image to match your taste

How To Add Students From Google Classroom

If you utilize Google Classroom with your students, Flipgrid makes it simple to integrate your Classroom schedule and provide them access to your Topics and Communities. Up to 500 students can be synced from the Classroom list to Flipgrid.

Only students on the Classroom roster will be able to join your Flipgrid conversations if you utilize this login option. Everyone else will be unable to join, even if they send an email. However, you can always add/delete students from your Classroom list.

Please keep in mind that deleting students from your class would simply remove their access to your Group; any videos they had contributed will remain intact, and their names will still appear in the member’s list.

Set up Google Classroom on your Flipgrid profile to allow students to join your Flipgrid Group using their Google Classroom login details. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Create a Flipgrid account.
  • Select whether you want to establish a new Group or use one that already exists.
  • Scroll down to ‘Manage members’ and select Google Classroom from the drop-down menu.
  • Sign in using your Google account and choose the Google account you wish to sync with your Google Classroom.
  • Select a Class from the drop-down option after granting Flipgrid permission.

Learn more about how to use Google Classroom to join Flipgrid in this tutorial.

How To Add Students By Email Or Domain

Flipgrid lets you, the Group administrator, choose which emails or domains are allowed to join your Group and Discussions.

For example, you may enter students’ email addresses individually or use the school or district email domain (– for example, to limit access to your Groups and Discussions with individuals who have such addresses. Here’s how to get access to your email or domain:

  • Go to your Flipgrid account and sign in.
  • Select or create a new Group to which you wish to add students.
  • Select ‘Email or domain’ from the ‘Manage members’ drop-down menu.
  • Domains to be added: Give members with the same email domain access. Anything following the @ symbol is referred to as a domain. Adding, for example, would allow any user with that domain to join (they must also have the join code). If you use email domains, keep in mind that if the join code is shared, other classrooms, the rest of the school, or even the entire school area may have access to the Group or Discussion.
  • Personal emails can be added, and authorization can be granted to particular email accounts. Adding member name, for instance, would only enable members with that email address to join. When the Topic is designated for a particular group of participants for a certain classroom session, we suggest taking individual emails.

Suggestion: By putting emails or domains in a CSV format and publishing it, group contacts can add them in volume.

How To Add Students By Username Or QR Code

Students can also use their allotted usernames to login into Flipgrid. You get to create usernames for students as the Group administrator. You may generate as many usernames as you like, and by uploading a CSV, you can bulk upload up to 250 usernames at once.

When a member creates a login, a unique QR code is generated for them to scan on their smartphone or tablet using the free Flipgrid app.” Here’s how you can create usernames:

  • Go to your Flipgrid account and sign in.
  • Create a new Group or choose an established one.
  • Click on Usernames after scrolling down to ‘Manage members.’
  • You may either type in the students’ first and last names, as well as their allocated usernames, or upload a CSV file. It’s worth noting that usernames are case and space sensitive. “After you’ve added a member, you may print a QR code for them to scan in order to join the conversation.”
  • Students should be given the created join code.

To learn more about how to add students by login or QR code, see this tutorial.

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