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Gohenry activate – Guidelines On How To Activate

By: Osinachi
Published: July 19, 2022

We are all aware of the goHenry web software and debit card, which enables parents to keep tabs on their kids’ purchases by providing them with prepaid Visa debit cards.

The locations where minors can use their debit cards are limited by parental regulations. By performing a specified list of chores, kids may make money. Unfortunately, it is only available to users in the US and UK.

You could be asking why this topic is even being discussed. Prepaid debit cards and educational software are available from the banking organisation GoHenry for kids aged 6 and 12. The intention is to teach kids about money. It teaches children how to budget and save even as they become older.

If you want to teach your children how to manage and save money, GoHenry is a great solution. You may set up a joint account with your kids using this service, enabling you to make deposits into their accounts.

Additionally, you will have access to your child’s account, enabling you to monitor their spending and support their financial education training.

How To Activate Gohenry Debit Card

Before using the GoHenry debit card, it must first be activated. Afterwards, your kids may use this card to begin teaching them how to budget their funds and also save.

You cannot activate your Child’s card until the Parent account is activated. If you’ve previously activated the parent’s account, you may take the steps below to activate your child’s card.

Once you create a GoHenry account, you will receive a debit card. Before it can be used, that debit card has to be validated. You cannot activate your card until you are logged into your account with valid credentials. Follow the procedure below to activate your GoHenry Debit Card:

  • Your email address, username, PIN, and password must be entered in the appropriate sections.
How To Activate Gohenry Debit Card
  • Once you’ve filled out the necessary areas with your login details, click the login button.

  • When your child’s name appears, you must then select Activate.

  • After that, activating the GoHenry debit card is as simple as following the on-screen directions.

  • You will then see your child’s login details, including the PIN.

Your child’s login, password, and PIN will be shown to you on screen after the procedure is complete.

If the PIN goes too soon after appearing for only a few seconds, you may always retrieve it by signing into your gohenry account, choosing “Cards,” and then “PIN.”

Make sure you are prepared by having the final four digits of the long number on the front of the card on hand before starting the pin activation process.

It honestly couldn’t be easier to activate your Gohenry card. Once the procedure is complete you should be able to access your child’s user credentials, as well as the PIN.

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How To Set Up An Account On Gohenry

You must register for a GoHenry account if you are a new customer. The straightforward steps listed below can be used to create a new GoHenry account:

  • Start by visiting the GoHenry webpage at

  • Afterwards, all you have to do is select the Join for Free option on the website.

  • Your password, cellphone number, and email address are required.

  • Once you’ve filled in all the required details in the areas given, all you have to do is click Continue.

  • After there, creating a GoHenry account is simple if you follow the directions on the page.

You may then move to activate both your parent account and your child’s card after this is finished.

Requirement For Opening A GoHenry Account

In order to provide financial services, businesses must “know” their clients. To fulfil its regulatory duties, they do a commonly utilized check known as a Know Your Customer check (KYC). They do this assessment when you sign up by cross-referencing your information with a variety of public record databases, including Experian, the telephone number directory, and the electoral commission.

Although it might leave a mark on your credit record, this identification inspection is not a credit check and has no impact whatsoever on your creditworthiness.

If they are not able to match your information in any of the databases they will ask to get in touch with them and provide either your complete driver’s license or two of the documents listed below.

The following requirements must be satisfied by the principal account holders in order to register for a GoHenry account:

  • At least 18 years old

  • UK or US passport

  • Current Year’s Council Tax Bill

  • A bank statement for the previous three months

  • A utility bill (from the previous three months) for gas, water, or electricity

  • The last three months’ worth of landline phone bills

  • The latest three months’ worth of mortgage statements

  • Benefits letters from the previous three months (child credits, tax credits, universal credit)

  • A letter from HMRC (dating back three months)

  • DWP letter (from the previous three months)

You will be able to finish the GoHenry service sign-up procedure after they obtain these papers and if they can confirm your identification.

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How To Activate A Parent Account In Gohenry

If you already have a GoHenry account, log in and activate it before activating your parent account so you may activate your child’s card. The login credentials (username and password) for your child’s app as well as their card PIN will be sent to you once you have activated your parent’s account.

Take the necessary steps to activate your GoHenry Parent Account:

  • The website for GoHenry is accessible at

  • In the upper right corner of the page, click the Login tab to access it.

  • You must enter your “PIN or password” and “Email” information.

  • Tap “activate account” from the account dashboard.

Keep following the additional procedures presented on your display to activate your parent’s account and acquire the PIN for your child’s debit card.

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When Will I Receive My Gohenry Debit Card?

Your application will be processed and your child’s card will be sent out within seven business days. However, you may start funding your child’s account right immediately. Visit their official website or download their mobile app to learn more and get started.

How Do I Apply For A Gohenry Card?

By opening an account on the internet, you can submit an application for the Go Henry card.  Your child’s gohenry card will be sent to you when you create an account on the website between seven working days.

You cannot use the card unless you read the directions in this guide on how to register for a Go Henry account and activate the card online.

Where Can I Find My Gohenry Card Pin

Your GoHenry card pin will be shown when you log in to your account on the GoHenry website or mobile app. Once you tap the card symbol after signing into your account, the PIN will be momentarily shown.

Benefits Of The Gohenry Card
  • You get free access to all GoHenry features for the first month. However, the membership cost will be collected from the parent account or the associated debit card the next month.

  • Your child’s allowance and where they can spend it will be up to you to determine.

  • The interactive financial literacy features on the website allow kids to view movies, answer quizzes, and collect rewards while understanding budgeting, saving, investing, and borrowing.

The Drawbacks Of The Gohenry Card
  • There is a cost for this product. After the first month, you must keep paying the $3.99 monthly membership price.

  • One parent account can only have four subaccounts associated with it. Creating numerous parent accounts is necessary if you have a large family.

  • $500 is the regular subaccount loading cap.

  • The GoHenry card is valid until the day it expires, which is the day after your child turns 18. You will need to contact customer care in order to close your account and stop paying membership fees, though.

Unblocking A Gohenry Card

Your child’s GoHenry card will be deactivated for security purposes after three incorrect PIN entries. To unlock the card, you have to make an ATM withdrawal.


To users who inquire about how to activate their child’s Gohenry card: I’m hoping the preceding way worked for you to activate it. Use the comment section below to ask us any questions you may have about the gohenry account or how to resolve a problem.

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