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How To Get Amazon Kindle Unlimited For Free

By: Osinachi
Published: February 5, 2022

Amazon Kindle books are one of the most amazing ways to gain knowledge.

Kindle Unlimited is one of Amazon’s many services and subscriptions that should pique the interest of avid readers.

The best kindle for users is the kindle paperwhite, which costs $139 and has a sharp 6.8-inch, 300-PPI backlit display, 8GB storage, and goes a long way for readers.

You can read Kindle books on your computer by installing the Kindle for PC app or using a Kindle device.

You don’t have to have a Kindle e-reader to use the Kindle Unlimited service.

Kindle ebooks can also be read on other devices such as your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

The service provides unrestricted access to over a million must-read titles, as well as a selection of popular magazines and audiobooks that are free with the subscription — no additional fees.

There are over a million books and magazine subscriptions available, as well as thousands of Audible audiobook versions.

Are Books Free On The Amazon Kindle

You can go to the Amazon website and then go to the free kindle eBooks section to look for the free books section. This category also includes books from Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading.

The Kindle Unlimited subscription costs $9.99 per month and covers as much reading as you can handle, though you are limited to ten downloads on your device.

This price also includes access to a variety of magazine subscriptions as well as Audible audiobooks on thousands of titles.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is not included with your Prime membership, and Prime members are not currently eligible for a discount on a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

It is important to note that Kindle Unlimited is not the same as Prime Reading, which is included with Amazon Prime Subscriptions. Unlimited provides you with more books than the other feature.

To begin reading, go to To sign in to the Amazon website, you must also have an account.

How Can I Get Amazon Kindle Unlimited For Free?

  • Head over to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited website
  • To search for available titles, go to your Amazon bar and click on the Kindle Unlimited tab.
  • You can add up to ten titles to your Kindle Unlimited account at once.
  • When you’re finished with a book, return it and borrow another.
  • The titles can also be read or listened to on any device using the free Kindle app.
  • Remember to cancel your subscription before your two-month subscription expires, or you’ll be charged $9.99 per month.

Note: Amazon’s Kindle books cost $9.99 per month, while Kindle Unlimited costs $120 per year.

How Do You Cancel Kindle Unlimited?

You can easily cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription at any time.

When you do this, your benefits will continue until the next billing date.

However, if you cancel a pre-paid subscription, the cancellation will take effect immediately.

follow these steps to cancel:

  • There is a Manage Membership box on your Kindle Unlimited page with the option to “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership.”
  • The page will tell you how long your benefits will be active for, and you can choose to “Keep my membership” or “Cancel membership.”
  • When you cancel your membership, you will receive an email to confirm the cancellation.
  • Return to the Your Kindle Unlimited page if you want to continue using Kindle Unlimited in the future. In the “Manage Membership” box, there will be an option to Continue Kindle Unlimited Membership.

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