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The 10 Best Free Dating App For Movie Lovers

By: Osinachi
Published: September 30, 2022

There are numerous dating apps for movie lovers alone that appeal to individuals with various backgrounds and passions, making meeting people online and dating apps one of the most common methods to find a new mate today.

Perhaps you’re just considering your alternatives after ending a significant relationship. Finding a possible new spouse is difficult regardless of the situation. Having that chemistry or connection may undoubtedly be enjoyable. Still, it can also seem like looking for a needle in a haystack—especially if you are focused on something in particular and would not accept anything less.

For good or worse, there are numerous amounts of paid and free online dating apps for movie lovers currently available that can assist you in starting your romantic search. Therefore, even if these applications may clearly provide a low-stress, simple method to get to meet someone (or a few someones…), online dating might feel daunting due to a large number of options—both accessible platforms and the number of registered individuals.

Therefore, these online dating apps for movie lovers (many of which are free) cover all the basics if you’re wanting to create a stronger bond with, for example, someone over 50, freshly dating after separation, or are aiming for a committed relationship. Listed below are our best pick of dating app for movie lovers.

 Dating App For Movie Lovers

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Best Dating App For Movie Lovers

Below is a list of the best free dating apps for movie lovers;

1. Reelove

Apple, Android

Users of the user-friendly social media app ReeLove may connect, communicate, and go to the movies together. Members may look for others who share their interests at any time. an online service that facilitates movie pairings for users! Who knows, maybe you’ll run across your real-life sweetheart!

Leave the research to ReeLove! They’ll pair you up with fellow film enthusiasts! Search by your movie preferences, swipes, location, age, and more. After you’ve been matched, get to know your new partner through chat, movie talk, sharing, and much more!

ReeLove focuses on making it easy for you to match, communicate, and quickly meet someone so you can appreciate your movie date. it is among our best picks for the best dating app for movie lovers.

2. Vidn – Dating & Relationships 

Apple, Android

A free social networking program called Vidn enables users to communicate with REAL people using voice messages and 10-second video snippets to forge deep friendships. Bias-filled algorithms are no more, and real dialogue is firmly established.

One of the first dating apps that give YOU ultimate control is Vidn. Vidn removes the stigma, catfish, and general stress associated with dating by placing a strong emphasis on safety and fostering genuine interactions, allowing you to concentrate on getting to know your ideal partner.

By making 10-second videos, let your personality show. Before choosing to engage or skip on any possible partners, watch and pay attention to their 10-second videos. Once you feel at ease connecting, keep the discussion going with in-app voice chatting and live video options. it is also a great choice for dating to meet your soulmate and also an ideal dating app for movie lovers.

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3. Match

Apple, Android

Match is a mixed dating service that provides both classic catalogue/profile style dating and swipe-type matchmaking (mutual matches). Users sign up for the website and submit basic data and images. Thereafter, there are two primary ways to meet other singles. One—you may visit the search section and peruse a comprehensive list of individuals who fit your requirements. You can text someone if you think them attractive.

The Discover section, which is a swipe-style dating option, is the second option. will notify you of the mutual match if both of you have shown an interest in the other user. it is one of our top choices for dating app for movie lovers because of its excellent matchmaking option. you can also download the app for free.

4. OKCupid

Apple, Android

The “percentage” that you’ll connect with any of OKCupid’s five million members is determined by an algorithm that asks you a set of questions. OkCupid differs from other online dating services. Through their exclusive messaging platform,

The free dating app enables you to meet individuals, engage, talk, or conduct in-depth conversations. Avoid the relationships and connections you are not passionate about and concentrate on the ones you are. Then, whether you’re searching for nearby matching, online dating, or anything in between, make plans to meet up and go on dates.

Through video chats, calls, and other means before you meet, OkCupid can make it easier to communicate with and speak with folks who enjoy the same activity as you such as hiking, travelling, movies, sightseeing and so on nearby.

Whether you seek a serious relationship, marriage, or just to find your love story, OkCupid can assist you in finding that particular partner.

5. OurTime

Apple, Android

Instead of promoting casual sex, OurTime encourages members to look for companions, dates, committed relationships, and suitable partners. You may exchange messages, interact, and connect with possible partners using the free dating app, and a paid registration ($29.96 per month) unlocks other benefits including the opportunity to view who has viewed your account.

it is also simple to use and trustworthy. They thoroughly redesigned the App with an emphasis on simplicity, and also examine every profile and every photo to assist assure the greatest quality of connections for you. For improved matchmaking, it’s simpler to use and easy to customize your profile. 

It is one of our picks for dating app for movie lovers and also a good choice to meet partners who are interested in long-term relationships with you and are committed. we hope you get to a potential partner.

6. Tinder


Even while Tinder may be blamed for “hookup culture,” it remains one of the most popular free dating applications in the country. The largest user base of any other dating platform examined by Statista is around 8 million members. That implies that even if it takes a tremendous amount of left-swiping to get through it, you have a better possibility of finally connecting with someone who sparks your attention.

As previously said, the app is free, but starting at about $4.99 monthly, you can enjoy extra benefits like Tinder Plus. Good for long-term relationships. Ideal for getting your feet wet in the world of online dating, Simple to use, especially for those new to dating apps

You can explore your options depending on your choice. you can meet movie lovers like you who are interested in long-term dating and are a perfect match for you.

7. Bumble


Bumble distinguished itself from the other dating apps saturating the app market by insisting that women initiate contact when a match is established. You only have 24 hours in the free plan to send a message. But if that is overly demanding, you can spend $6.99 per week on a Boost subscription.

Men and women both adore the app since it reduces the volume of unwanted communications. In addition, 55 per cent of those surveyed in PCMag’s poll who favoured Bumble were men, perhaps because it lessens the need to initiate. Additionally, you have the choice to go on a video date within the app if you’ve found someone you’re attracted to.

For someone just starting out who wants to view everyone who is suitable nearby, Bumble is a fantastic alternative. To match with folks, you must swipe right. The program has options that let you search for people based on their interests (men, women, or everyone), age range, and location. with this option, you can meet movie lovers like you close by and go on a movie date.

8. Plenty of Fish


More talks between individuals occur on Plenty of Fish Free Dating (POF) than on any other dating platform. Dating apps are simply one aspect of POF. It’s an encounter. POF exists to assist individuals in locating fulfilling partnerships!

They provide a variety of FREE options, such as MeetMe, Livestream, Chat, and more, to help you meet individuals and start interesting discussions. You have a 2.7x greater chance of starting a discussion on POF during the first 24 hours! Join right away to begin speaking with local singles.

Due to the fact that you can browse matches AND connect with them for FREE, Plenty of Fish is the favourite dating app for singles (unlike the paid dating apps). Contrary to lesser dating apps, Plenty of Fish has the most members, increasing your chances of finding love. it is also a good dating app for movie lovers.

9. Hinge


Hinge is a better choice for those looking for more committed relationships because it only allows you a certain amount of connections each day. feels more committed to engaging in meaningful dialogue and fostering relationships. they began as a tool to link your network and close friends.

The app displayed user profiles near them as well as their mutual Facebook connections. Now, it only links users with locals in the neighbourhood of their choice.

By pressing the chat button and entering a match or posting a remark on a page, users can opt to get in touch with someone. The suggestions in profiles might help you start a discussion. If contacting people from the internet makes you uneasy, Hinge gives you additional info about them. You may find out peoples’ last names as well as, in most cases, their location, age, height, occupation, birthplace, and college.

It is a good dating app to connect with movie lovers who you can take out on dates. There is a premium version in addition to the free version. You may send an unlimited number of links and establish more stringent restrictions with the Preferred Membership, which costs roughly $30 for a month, $60 for three months, or $90 for six months.

10. Zoosk


Since its launch in 2007, Zoosk has had over 30 million downloads, making it one of the most popular dating services available today. There are currently over 40 million active members on the site, many of whom pay for memberships, demonstrating their genuine commitment to finding a match. Instead of making you complete a long questionnaire, the app’s technology keeps track of everyone you connect with in order to provide more relevant connections.

One of our best dating app for movie lovers, Among the greatest dating apps to use while looking for love online, is the Zoosk app. Although creating a Zoosk account is free, you will only have access to a small number of services.

So, yeah, signing up with Zoosk is free. To fully participate, you must purchase an upgraded membership, though. However, it’s quite inexpensive—especially when compared to other online dating apps and given what you get—at approximately $12.50 each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Dating Apps For Movie Lovers Work?

Certain applications only let you connect if both sides swipe right to indicate interest. Others let a single message be sent, after which the receiver can choose whether or not to reply. Some of the applications include in-depth details, such as college attended, height, and even whether or not a person wants children, while others will only display possible mates in your area without providing many details.

 Are There Both Free and Paid Dating Apps?

The majority of dating apps are free, or at the very least provide both a free and a premium, paid alternative. Persons may often swipe with the free option, but with a paid alternative, they can be more selective, for instance, by configuring rules to only display people of a specific height, nationality, or political party. But if you’re specifically seeking a certain app, it’s really simple to download it and utilize the free option.

What Dating App Is Completely Free?

OkCupid. For those who want to learn a lot regarding their partner prior to actually meeting them, this is the greatest free dating service. You may explore accounts on this well-known dating website and app for free and contact anybody you wish to get in touch with.

There are a few dating apps which are free to use but our top choice would be OkCupid because it gives an amazing number of features to its members for the free version.


Given that each dating app for movie lovers has a very distinct atmosphere, downloading one might seem like a big decision and perhaps appear to be a bit daunting. In addition to reading recommendations and consulting professionals, we also looked at our own years of app-using knowledge.

Additionally, we searched for applications that offer a broad range of data about other people as well as payment plan versatility. We felt it was crucial to offer a range of alternatives for dating desires, including casual dating, first dates, date nights at the movies, and even marriage. Apps that catered to various sexual orientations and faiths were included on the list since inclusiveness was a key consideration in deciding our choices.

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