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Complete Review On Wise Money Transfer

By: Osinachi
Published: March 20, 2022

Wise, previously TransferWise, is a fintech business that provides a low-cost option to transfer funds from the United States to more than 80+ countries. The exchange rates are among the finest available. Wise money transfers may be funded in a variety of ways, including with a bank account or a credit card, but receivers must have a bank account.

The Wise website is simple to use. The webpage has a price calculator that makes calculating fees and rates straightforward, as well as well-organized and useful FAQs. You can cancel transfers that haven’t been processed or paid yet, and rates are assured until you finish setting up a transfer.

Wise is simple to set up and use; you may sign up with an email address or by synchronizing your Apple, Google, or Facebook account, which is unusual for a transfer service.

Wise lets you save money in over 50+ different currencies and convert them at the current market rate should you need it. There are no fees for signing up, and there are no membership charges.

Learn more at WISE.

Pros Of Wise Money Transfer

  • Most solutions are accessible online or through the Wise application, and there is multilingual help available online, in the app, and over the phone.

  • Wise does not impose an exchange rate commission on its transactions, contrary banks and other payment service companies. It aims for the mid – market rate, which changes by the minute.

  • Fees are low and straightforward, and there are no hidden charges in the exchange rate. Wise is frequently one of most cost-effective options accessible.

  • Within minutes, you will receive your order. Transfers made with a debit or credit card can be delivered quickly.

Cons Of Wise Money Transfer

  • There is no branch structure, which implies you won’t be able to deposit cash payments.

  • The number of people who can help you over the phone in the United States is limited. On weekdays, customer care is only available via phone from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET.

  • Fees and limitations vary depending on the target country.

Is Wise A Safe Platform To Use?

Absolutely, they follow strict guidelines set forth by regulatory bodies in each country in which they function, such as with FCA in the Uk. These groups protect both you and the marketplace in which we exist.

Wise professionals always behave to their clients’ greatest advantage, acting ethically and with integrity. Their officials keep a watch on them to make sure that what they speak and do is legal, enabling them to operate under prudent licences.

Designated anti-fraud unit They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your account and funds safe from even the most advanced theft.

Extra secure transactions on wise

Transactions that are very secure To safeguard your account and activities, they employ two-factor authentication. That means you – and you alone – have access to your funds.

How Does Wise Keep My Money Safe?

They keep your money secure in your accounts by putting it in specialized bank accounts or high-quality cash reserves.

Cybersecurity is also handled by a specialist in-house personnel at Wise. They go through frequent training and are always scrutinizing our practices. As a consequence of their efforts, they are at the forefront of technology of financial stability.

Wise Transfer Methods And Alternatives

Wise provides a few options for the transfer of funds. The following is a list of sending and receiving methods, as well as transfer limits:

  • Wise’s website and mobile app are used to send messages.

  • Bank accounts (ACH, SWIFT, or wire transfers), debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay are all alternatives for payment.

  • Only a bank account may be used for delivery. Other providers, it should be noted, provide cash collection sites in other countries, making it feasible to send money to those who do not have bank accounts.

  • Transfer limits: Requirements differ by destination, but for some nations we looked at, they may be as little as $1.

How Long Does It Take For Wise Money Transfer To Complete?

Wise transfers happen quickly. In most cases, they are significantly faster than banks. In reality, Wise’s international transactions are immediate (sent in less than 20 seconds), with the remaining 80 per cent arriving within 24 hours.

Finally, the time it takes for your Wise wire transfer to materialize is determined by the currencies and nations involved, as well as the method of payment and the amount of the payment. On some destinations, the money may take a little longer to reach if you make your transfer outside of business hours or if the country you’re transferring to is on vacation.

You’ll receive an anticipated delivery time when you make your payment, and you can monitor your money in the Wise app to see how it’s progressing.

How Do I Send Money Using Wise?

They’ll request your email address as well as a passcode that you’ll generate. You can also sign up using your Google or Facebook account.

To make a transfer, go to the website’s Home page and click Send money, or use the app’s Send button.

  • Fill in the amount you’d like to send.

Begin by determining how much you want to send or how much you want your recipient to get.

Hint: If you need to make sure your recipient receives a precise amount, put it into the Recipient receive area. They’ll instantly tell you how much you need to pay.

  • Make sure Wise is aware of the sort of transaction you’re making.

  • Fill in the fields with the information you have on hand. They’ll want to know things like your address and other personal details. They need this information to meet financial obligations, but they’ll never provide it to you.

  • Tell Wise who you’re transferring money to. You may enter their bank account details and they will make payment to that account if you have it. If you don’t have their bank account details, simply input their email address.
    • If they’re using Wise, they’ll be able to find the account they wish to receive money into.
    • If they aren’t using Wise, they will receive an email asking for their bank account details.

  • Check the details of your transaction again. Make that everything is in working condition. You can give a citation for your recipient if you like.

  • Make a decision about the sort of transaction you want to execute and how you’ll pay for it. They’ll tell you how much each option costs and how long the money will take to arrive. The most cost-effective alternative is to pay using your bank account. This means you must first go to your internet banking or branch, then pay the monies to Wise.

  • It’s as simple as that! Once they’ve gotten your cash, they’ll confirm the transaction through email or in the app. They’ll also let you know when the money has arrived, as well as your recipient.

How Can I Find Out If My Transfer Has Been Completed?

In their money tracker, Wise strives to offer as much info as necessary for each transaction you make. It’s so you can always keep track of your money. Go to: to use the money tracker: to use the money tracker:

  • Click View transfer information on the move you want to follow.

Wise now performs more than 80% of transactions within 2 hours of the estimated time on the money tracker. However, in rare circumstances, it may take a little longer. Here are a few of the most common causes of transfer delays, as well as some solutions.

It’s possible that Wise will need to verify your identification.

Depending on the amount you transfer and the currency you send to, they may need to undertake extra verification. If Wise has the details they need, they’ll send you an email. Keep an eye on your emails anytime you set up a transfer.

It’s likely that the recipient’s bank is handling the transaction.

When the money tracker says “Your transfer is complete,” it means Wise has sent your funds. It may, although, take some business days for it to arrive and be processed by the recipient’s bank. In addition, based on the currency you’re sending to, it may take a bit longer.

The information provided by the receiver is incorrect.

Transfers are sometimes delayed owing to a mistake in the recipient’s details. In this instance, some banks will still execute the transfer, but it will take them a little longer to link it to the right account. They may also return the funds to us, in which case they will request that you transfer it once more.

What Am I Expected To Do Now?

You can speed up the procedure by submitting a transfer receipt to the recipient’s bank if your money has already been transferred out by Wise but has not yet appeared in their account.

  • Go to Home to see your activity list.

  • Click See transaction information on the appropriate transfer.

  • From the drop-down option, choose Get PDF Receipts.

  • Send the PDF to your recipient’s bank account, you can do that via Email

What Is The Best Way For Me To Keep Track Of My Transfer?

At all times, Wise will keep you updated on the status of your transfer. After we’ve received and confirmed your money, they’ll send you an email. However, you may access more information by logging into your account. This is how you do it.

  • Log into your account by going to your account page and entering your username and password.

  • Go to Home to see your activity list.

  • Select the transfer you want to keep an eye on.

They’ll tell you here when they received your funds and deposit them to your recipient’s bank. Wise will also let you know if there are any issues and give you an approximate of when the money will materialize.

Is It Possible For Me To Send And Receive Money In Different Currencies?

Among these currencies, money can be transferred.

  • AED stands for Emirati Dirham in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Within Australia, the Australian dollar is known as the AUD.

  • Within Bulgaria, the Bulgarian lev is abbreviated as BGN.

  • Within Brazil, the BRL stands for Brazilian real. Wise can only send and receive funds from and to private persons in Brazil. They are now unable to send or receive business payments to or from BRL.

  • Within Canada, the Canadian dollar is abbreviated as CAD.

  • Swiss franc (CHF) is the currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  • Czech koruna (CZK) is the currency of the Czech Republic.

  • Danish krone (DKK) is the currency used in Denmark.

  • EUR stands for Euro. Within SEPA, Wise can send euros to SEPA-compliant bank accounts, as well as to EUR-denominated bank accounts with an IBAN outside of SEPA. They can also accept euros from beyond the SEPA zone using SWIFT.

  • GBP stands for British pounds. Wise may also send GBP to bank accounts with an IBAN that is denominated in GBP.

  • In Hong Kong, the HKD stands for Hong Kong dollar.

  • HRK (Hrvatski kuna) — Croatian kuna (HRK) — Croatian kuna

  • Across Hungary, the Hungarian forint (HUF) is used.

  • For Indonesia, the IDR stands for Indonesian rupiah.

  • INR stands for the Indian rupee. Wise transmits INR to INR-denominated accounts in India using RTGS, NEFT, and TPT (where appropriate). They are only able to accept INR from Indian citizens.

  • Inside Japan, the Japanese yen is abbreviated as JPY.

  • In Malaysia, MYR stands for Malaysian ringgit.

  • Norwegian krone (NOK) is the currency used in Norway.

  • For New Zealand, the New Zealand dollar is known as the NZD.

  • Inside Poland, the PLN stands for Polish zloty.

  • For Romania, the RON stands for Romanian leu.

  • Turkish lira (TRY) Wise is able to receive TRY both locally and globally via SWIFT. They are only able to send TRY to TRY-denominated bank accounts in Turkey.

  • Throughout Sweden, the Swedish krona is known as SEK.

  • Inside Singapore, the Singapore dollar is known as the SGD.

  • USD stands for United States Dollar. Wise accepts USD payments by ACH bank debit, local wire, and global SWIFT.

These are the only currencies to which you may send money (through local transfer)

  • ARS — Argentine peso for Argentina.

  • BDT — Bangladeshi taka inside Bangladesh.

  • BWP — Botswana pula in Botswana.

  • CLP — Chilean peso Within Chile.

  • CNY — Chinese yuan inside China, from a restricted number of nations

  • COP stands for Colombian Peso. Colombian territory. Wise may only transfer COP to Colombian Bancolombia customers. They are unable to transfer business payments to COP at this time.

  • CRC — Costa Rica Colón inside Costa Rica.

  • EGP — Egyptian pound in Egypt.

  • FJD — Fijian dollar Within Fiji

  • GEL — Georgian lari for Georgia.

  • GHS — Ghana Cedi Within Ghana.

  • ILS — Israeli shekels Within Israel.

  • KES — Kenyan shillings in Kenya.

  • KRW — South Korean won inside South Korea.

  • LKR — Sri Lankan rupee for Sri Lanka.

  • MAD — Moroccan dirham only within Morocco.

  • MXN — Mexican peso Within Mexico.

  • NPR — Nepalese Rupee for Nepal.

  • PHP — Philippine peso inside the Philippines.

  • PKR stands for Pakistani rupee. Wise allows you to send money to private individuals in Pakistan. They are unable to transmit business payments to PKR at this time.

  • RUB stands for Russian ruble. Within the Russian Federation (except Sevastopol and Crimea due to EU sanctions).

  • THB — Thai baht for Thailand.

  • UAH — Ukrainian hryvnia inside Ukraine.

  • UGX — Ugandan shilling Within Uganda.

  • UYU — Uruguayan pesos only within Uruguay.

  • Within Vietnam, the Vietnamese dong is known as VND. Wise allows you to send money to private individuals in Vietnam. They are unable to transmit business payments to VND at this time.

  • Within South Africa, the ZAR stands for South African Rand. Wise transmits ZAR using SWIFT international payments and local transfers (only in South Africa).

  • ZMW — Zambian kwacha for Zambia.

Wise has the ability to transfer money to a variety of destinations. Wise maintains a global network of bank accounts in a number of countries, allowing users to use any of the currencies listed above.

What Is The Procedure For Obtaining A Copy Of My Transfer Receipt?

After your transfer is complete, you can download a receipt. Although the transfer may show in your recipient’s Wise account, the receipt is only available to you. If you are the recipient of the transaction and need a receipt, you should contact the sender, who will forward it to you. Your transfer is confirmed on the receipt, which includes information such as the transaction id and banking partner name.

A transfer receipt can be downloaded from the internet.

  • Go to your homepage.

  • Select the 3 dots on the right hand side after finding and clicking on the transfer.

  • From the drop-down option, choose View transfer information.

  • From the drop-down option, choose Get PDF Receipt.

  • That’s all; the receipt will open in a new tab as a PDF. You may save it to your computer and share it with others.

Downloading a transfer receipt from the app

  • Go to your home screen on the app.

  • Select transfer

  • Details should be selected.

  • Choose between receiving a PDF receipt (on iOS) and receiving a paper receipt (on Android). On Android, you may get a transfer receipt (on the Android app)

  • That’s all; the receipt will appear in a new tab as a PDF. You have the option of storing it or sending it to your recipient straight away.

How To Create A Wise Online Account

You’ll need to sign up for a Wise account before you can send money from the United States.

  • Create an account using your email address and a strong, one-of-a-kind, and private password.

  • You can also use your Google or Facebook account to register.

  • Wise will send you an email for verification after you’ve joined up.

  • You must adhere to the email’s instructions.

  • You’re good to go and can make a transfer now.

How Wise Requires You To Verify Your Identity.

Wise must protect everyone’s money, which necessitates validating your identity. They may request identification papers from you at any time, such as when you first set up your account or make a transaction.

Based on how much money you’re sending and where it’s going, you’ll need to give identification and proof of residence.

What Wise accepts is as follows:

Accepted identification examples

  • A valid driver’s license with a photograph

  • Obtaining an Immigration ID or a Resident Permit

  • Military ID from the United States of America

  • State ID

  • Passport with photo

Examples of address documents

  • Statements from your bank or credit card

  • Bills for gas or electricity

  • Documents from the US government

  • Driver’s Permit

  • State ID
Wise (TransferWise) Alternatives

Examine a few options before deciding how to make your foreign payment. To get you started, here are a few suggestions:

  • PayPal is well-known and well-established, but its fees are greater than Wise’s, because to a currency values markup. A PayPal account is also required for your receiver.

  • XE allows you to send money practically anywhere in the globe. Fees and prices vary per destination and may not be the most affordable options available.

  • Revoult – Create a free account or subscribe to a premium plan to get additional features with Revolut. Keep approximately 30 currencies on hand, as well as budgeting and saving options and free currency exchange.


Wise offers a variety of small, quick foreign payment methods, as well as simple ways to store, transfer, spend, and get lots of foreign currencies. You’ll never pay more than a reasonable, clear price for the services you use, and you’ll always realize the total cost of the transaction before you agree.

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