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Complete List Of Best Mobile Advertising Companies

By: Osinachi
Published: April 26, 2022

Because app and mobile advertising businesses now account for the majority of the digital marketing industry, we’ve compiled the best leading list to assist ad buyers, mobile marketers, and others in sorting through the hundreds of suppliers in this chaotic world. Our goal is to highlight the businesses that are gaining traction in the most exciting areas of mobile advertising.

The framework for publishing adverts on smartphones and tablets is provided by mobile advertising platforms. The platform operates as a middleman among marketers (advertising firms, corporations, and people) and editors, facilitating the purchase, management, and placement of adverts on prominent mobile platforms.

Controlled service, automated, and self-serve are the three most common ways to develop and execute ad campaigns on these networks. Digital and social media advertisers, as well as individual advertising firms, are the most prevalent users. Small companies and individuals can use the self-managed option to purchase advertising space and run their own promotions.

Banner advertisements, pop-up ads, and video commercials — primarily anything that runs on a smartphone phone – are all examples of mobile ads. It’s a brilliant approach to promote your software while also increasing downloads.

Now let us explore a few of the greatest mobile advertising businesses, their techniques and perks, and how they would assist you in growing your company.

Mobile Advertising medium to promote products

What Is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is a sort of targeted advertisement that takes place on mobile devices. It’s a type of mobile marketing that takes the shape of email or textual adverts, as well as banner ads across phone applications.

Mobile ads, in their most basic form, include any type of adverts that displays on mobile devices and webpages over wifi networks. User characteristics, such as wants and desires, as well as browser history, are used to create these adverts.

Mobile App Advertising’s Perks

Marketers may now position their adverts on mobile browsers, and in downloaded applications and games, prior to the latest increase in mobile utilization. Instagram feed advertising, Facebook picture advertisements, YouTube video commercials, and in-game ads are all examples of this type of mobile advertisement.

The growth has also resulted in several benefits when it comes to implementing mobile advertising. Via creative mobile ad types and methods, advertisers may profit from increased lead management and customer retention.

The key purpose is to increase product awareness among potential customers. As a result, mobile ad businesses may be quite helpful in achieving this goal. The following are some of them:

  • Performance tracking

  • Personalized ads

  • Immediate reactions

  • Higher conversion

  • Geo-targeting

Platforms For Mobile Advertising – Types

Advertisers can now publish user-friendly mobile advertisements using a variety of mobile advertising mediums, enhancing brand recognition and earnings.

Such digital advertising platforms can help you create successful mobile advertising strategies, but the performance of your project will be determined by a good plan tailored to your industry.

However, let’s identify the primary networks to be aware of while collaborating with leading mobile ad networks:

Ad network for mobile phones

It’s an advertising firm that acts as a middleman connecting app developers who want to promote their applications or online sellers in particular, and publishers, people, or businesses who want to monetize their apps or websites by placing adverts inside them.

Mobile ad server

It’s a type of server that keeps mobile advertising and offers technical strategies for managing and displaying them on different mobile applications and websites.

Mobile demand-side platform {Mobile DSP}

It’s a brand that lets mobile marketers buy content from a variety of retargeting ads, advertising networks, and mobile authors through a single platform. A unified gateway for authentic trading to show online adverts throughout different ad platforms is a major aspect of the mobile DSP.

Ad analytics for mobile devices

It is a business that offers reporting and analysis solutions for mobile ad campaigns.

Tool for detecting ad fraud

It is a firm that offers marketers a technology solution for the prevention and detection of fraud in digital ad campaigns.

Advertisements on social media

These are digital ad service that offers unified solutions for running ad campaigns across numerous paid social ad platforms, including Facebook ads, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and others.

The Best Mobile Advertising Companies

1. Zoomd


Zoomd’s unique quality ad platform is committed to assisting advertisers and authors in achieving certain key metrics.

Zoomd’s current self-served, license-based, SaaS model of the customer acquisition system enables marketers, big and small, to simply view, administer, and manage all conversion tracking operations from a single panel.

The new system’s main goal is to help marketers invest their money more quickly and productively. Promote on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitter, Apple Search, and Google, among other high media networks, as each platform already includes installed safeguards to avoid ad theft.

2. Moburst


Moburst is capable of monitoring thousands of searches every day and for any sector because of its availability of industry-leading technology and its own unique algorithms. Redesign your business to increase conversions, and personalize it to maintain cultural significance and sustainable develop

Leave a great impression with eye-catching images that convert. Their skilled visual team will create the appropriate storyline with a purposeful narrative which will affect your consumers, from banners to video advertising, app store thumbnails, and much more.

They specialize in Taking care of any form of mobile marketing Data analysis and adapting existing industry standards are just a few of the things they are working on right now. UX/UI Design and Coaching, Multi-Platform Marketing,  Marketing Strategy with a Goal, Push Notification System, and a slew of other options are available.

3. RevU


RevU+ Sponsored by Revenue Universe is an online marketing network that offers a unique in-app offer block to monetise publishers’ desktop and mobile apps.

They take great pride in providing account management manager service, guaranteeing that you get paid on time every month and produce as much profit as possible from your customers.

For mobile and desktop apps and games, RevU offers the industry’s most versatile and professional Institutions and practices. They are one of the only genuine platform-agnostic solutions, and they generate competitive eCPMs and income both locally and internationally.

4. AdColony


AdColony was established in 2011 by mobile developers, for mobile app developers, and has since evolved to become one of the world’s largest mobile advertisement and commercialization solutions, with an international presence of more than 1.5 billion people.

It is recognized for its Instant-PlayTM HD video, AuroraTM High definition Informative recordings, and interactive innovations, as well as its performance measurement advertising capabilities, automated marketplace, and substantial ad SDK presence in the most popular applications across the globe.

5. Performcb


Perform[cb] offers unrivalled capabilities such as customizable interfaces, authentic analytics and monitoring, and much more to mobile marketers, app developers, and editors. Publishers can monitor traffic, modify finances, introduce new offerings, and more from anywhere in the globe with the PerformLEAP Partnership app.

Perform[cb]’s to ensure compliance is evidenced by its anti-fraud software, PerformSHIELDTM, which is used by its substantial compliance management staff, which is committed to campaigns integrity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Perform[cb] advertisers regularly provide the greatest ROI in the mobile sector by using different Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) pricing models, such as Cost-Per-Install (CPI) and Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE).

6. AdsCompass


AdsCompass is a worldwide advertising company that brings together webmasters, advertisers, marketing agencies, and ad networks in a collaborative partnership.

AdsCompass has been in the digital ad business since 2013, and its professionals are specialists in the field. They can offer all of your affiliates numerous ways to work because they have their unique Ad Exchange and Self-Served System.

Adscompass allows you to acquire traffic in a variety of forms straight from their ad network! The entire capability and different configurable options for generating and tracking your ads are accessible on their Self Serve platform.

When dealing with traffic, you’ll need a complete capability. Deep analysis, as well as various reports organized by days and hours in real-time, will provide you with complete control over your findings.

7. Mobupps


Mobupps is a performance-based ad network with over a decade of mobile user acquisition experience. Direct interaction with all of the main worldwide traffic networks, as well as SDK networks, major ad markets, and major media from over 4,500 mobile app developers.

Leading brands marketers, major marketplaces, and a proprietary DSP are all part of larger programmatic ad solutions. Mobupps’ flagship user acquisition technology, with top-of-the-line anti-fraud protection, is built for revenue.

The secret behind social media’s success. Deepen your understanding of trends quicker than they emerge with mobupps xociall function.

8. myAppFree


myAppFree is a performance-based ad network that caters to the demands of both publishers and advertisers. It provides access to unique traffic sources and positioning, such as over 40+ million Sony Xperia devices, myAppFree-powered apps, SDK, and smart alerts.

They also give top quality mobile traffic to mobile applications and games all over the world courtesy of its patented technologies and elite partnerships, providing ideal solutions for developers, advertisers, brokers, and ad networks to grow their businesses.

Direct ads from reputable advertisers and high-quality traffic from reputable sources are available on myAppFree.

9. AdQuantum


AdQuantum is a marketing service firm that specializes in bringing in more money for digital enterprises. They operate in all sectors and use the industry knowledge to explore different ideas and grow the most successful techniques.

They create digital marketing strategies with the goal of increasing income for their client’s products and services. Its main focus is on user engagement and campaign optimization in order to bring in new paying subscribers at a high level.

This is accomplished through the creation of creatives, the analysis of theories, the evaluation of advertisements that we believe will transition well from views to sales, and the expansion of the ROI positive ad spend. AdQuantum can help you optimize your product if it’s ready.

10. InMobi


By using its technology platforms and exclusive insight into mobile expertise, InMobi creates actual relationships amongst businesses and customers. Businesses may use their Marketing Platform to better analyze, target, connect, and convert engaged customers.

They give you the chance to increase engagement and income Personalize your advertising journey. Using mobile devices, and contextual and customized suggestions, allows you to connect with your brand on a large scale. They assist you with cross-selling, retargeting, and reactivating users, as well as engaging users with HD video and native adverts.

11. Smaato


Smaato’s digital ad focus on innovation is a fully-featured omnichannel commercialization solution with self-serve capabilities and a free ad server. Smaato provides publishers unrivalled control over their income. Publishers may import their own data and manage all of their inventory in one spot.

Marketers have access to the highest-quality inventory, allowing them to reach consumers globally and on any device. Publishers using Smaato have access to the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX), which includes a wide variety of targeting features and functions that allows them to manage all of their mobile assets in one place.

12. Google Admob Ads


With in-app advertisements, actionable data, and powerful, easy-to-use tools that help you expand your app brand, AdMob makes it simple to generate money.

AdMob, being one of the world’s largest ad networks, can fulfil your ad queries from anywhere on the globe. With one of the most effective commercialization solutions, you can boost the efficiency of every impression across all of your channels.

With their creative ad types, you can captivate and keep your customers. Integrate native, reward banner, media, and interstitial advertisements effortlessly into your software to personalize the user experience and make more income.

Using its intelligent automation, you may optimize your day-to-day chores. Their technologies are simple to set up and implement, and they include everything from cutting-edge brand safety measures to powerful revenue systems that integrate arbitration and bids.

Formats For Mobile Advertising

Mobile forms of advertising are also critical elements of any campaign, which you must apply and choose based on your business objectives. There are many various sorts of mobile advertising formats, however, the following are the most common:


It’s a full-screen pictorial ad that takes up the whole screen of a website or mobile app. To keep interacting with a mobile app or website, a website visitor or a mobile app user must take an active move such as clicking through it or shutting it.

Banner ad

Banner advertising appears at the top or bottom of the device screen, depending on the layout of the app. They stay on screen when users engage with the app and can update themselves over a certain duration of time.

Video ad

Video advertising is a key tactic that entails utilizing a brief and helpful clip to promote a product prior to, between, or after the main video. It is generally a short video clip of 15 to 30 seconds in duration that promotes a certain brand.

Native ad

It’s a type of sponsored content in which the ad experience is designed to look and work like a mobile app or webpage layout.

Social ad

It’s a type of advertisement that appears on social networking platforms. Many mobile advertising formats are specifically designed to promote commodities, services, and mobile apps. If you want your ads to target a large number of mobile consumers, you need to consider these mobile types of ads.

How Does App Advertising Work

There are a variety of mobile advertising methods from which to pick for your company. With the rapid advancement of technology, new mobile ad formats and patterns are now being developed.

One should also tailor your advertising strategy to your customers’ preferences in order to identify the correct people and convert them into loyal consumers. In-app advertising offers a variety of complex forms to select from, especially as mobile applications become the primary mechanism for consumers to connect with services and products.

Business Models For Mobile Advertising

Take a glance at some of the most widely used mobile advertising models:

CPC {cost per click}

It means that an advertiser gets charged for each click on a mobile ad within an app or on a website. The following ad platforms that accept this approach are included in our list.

CPM {cost per thousand}

Cost per thousand (CPM), sometimes known as cost per mille, is a marketing phrase that refers to the cost of 1,000 ad impressions on a webpage. If a blog owner charges $1.00 CPM, an advertiser will have to pay $1.00 per 1,000 impressions of their advert.

CPA {cost per action}

The abbreviation CPA stands for Cost Per Action, while it is often used to refer to cost per acquisition. Marketers only pay for CPA advertising if and when their adverts materialize in a potential customer taking action. Advertisers may pick the conversions phase they want to pay for, like a first purchase or a membership registration, using this strategy. Advertisers benefit greatly from CPA advertising since it clearly links ad spend to conversions rather than impressions or clicks.

Cost Per Install / Pay Per Install / CPI

Marketers pay a cost per install (CPI) to gain new consumers via app installs. An advertiser is billed when an app he promotes is installed under this approach.


Mobile ads are the advertisement industry’s current ray of optimism. Advertisers spend far more money on mobile than on any other digital ad platform, therefore if you want to target Millennials and Gen Z customers, mobile ought to be your primary advertising network.

The preceding article highlights some of the most effective mobile advertising strategies implemented by some of the world’s most well-known firms. You may use these strategies to improve your mobile ad strategy and propel your company forward.

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