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Best Cheap Car Insurance Quotes In Arizona

By: Osinachi
Published: May 22, 2022

Car insurance is a necessary investment, however, obtaining low-cost car insurance in Arizona is not always straightforward. This is why it is critical to compare costs from different insurance companies.

As per our study, the estimated price of basic insurance car insurance in Arizona is $1,609 annually or roughly $139 monthly. The state’s minimal insurance is $588 every year on aggregate, however, we determined that you may probably find a better deal. For instance, Geico has the cheapest basic coverage car insurance in Arizona, at $305 every year on average for a middle-aged driver with a clean driving history.

We go to great lengths to avoid irregularities and errors in pricing information, including quotes from every location in the country where reportage is accessible and information is provided. so you can trust the prices we provide to you.

Best Cheap Car Insurance Quotes In Arizona

Car Insurance Quotes Cost In Arizona

Because no 2 people are alike, drivers in Arizona must always search around and evaluate quotes from numerous insurance agencies to obtain the best deal on car insurance for their specific driving records and conditions.

The table below displays the average affordable car insurance quotes in Arizona from various companies. Please remember that your vehicle healthcare costs will change depending on certain aspects of your driving history, so be sure to shop around for the best deals!

It’s crucial to remember that these estimates are supported by research and may not reflect what you really spend on car insurance.

The Hartford$536
State Farm$1,202
American Family$1,317
Statewide Average$1,336

Cheapest Car Insurance For Good Drivers In Arizona

If you have a clean driving history, your car insurance will most likely assign you a reduced risk than drivers with bad driving history, resulting in reduced charges.

Drivers with clean driving backgrounds often pay less for car insurance than those with a history of speeding fines, at-fault crashes, or DUI penalties. Arizona drivers without a prior at-fault collision save 37% on their car insurance, which is much higher than the national average of 32%.

You may be eligible for a safe-driving incentive from your car insurance carrier in conjunction with a lower cost for accident-free. The quantity of these reductions varies, however they usually range from 5% to 10%. Requesting insurance quotes from a number of businesses on a regular basis is one method to guarantee you’re receiving the reductions you deserve.

State Farm$1,202
American Family$1,317
Statewide Average$1,336

Cheapest Car Insurance For Bad Drivers In Arizona

You might even save more on car insurance if you have no at-fault incidents, speeding fines, or DUIs. Because insurers assess your driving history to estimate the degree of danger you pose, maintaining a clean driving record will result in cheaper costs.

Throughout Arizona, where insurance sanctions for improper driving are more severe than in other states, avoiding at-fault incidents, traffic violations, and DUI charges is extremely crucial. In the Grand Canyon State, a single speeding charge may increase your car insurance premiums by 25%.

Rating AspectAnnual Rate% Increase
At-Fault Accident$1,87637.06%
Speeding Violation$1,58725.62%
Bad Credit$2,44451.69%

Cheapest Liability Car Insurance In Arizona

Trying to cut costs on your liability coverage? To save money on car insurance, consider purchasing liability-only coverage. If you are judged to be at cause in an accident, liability car insurance would cover property destruction and physical injury, and drivers with liability-only coverage typically have the lowest rates. The prices for liability-only insurance in Arizona are listed below.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Quote
Mile Auto$86
Sun Coast$100
Kemper Preferred$103

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance

Full-coverage insurance is a fantastic alternative if you are ready to spend a little more to be covered entirely on the drive. A full-coverage policy covers comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage. The majority of car lenders want full coverage insurance.

The estimated price of full coverage car insurance in Arizona is $2,219 annually. In complement to liability coverage, complete coverage estimates provide comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage covers damage to your automobile caused by events beyond your power, like lightning or stealing. In contrast, collision coverage covers damage to your own car caused by a crash with another vehicle.

CompanyAnnual rateMonthly rate
State Farm$1,431$119

Rates For Drivers With Bad Credit in Arizona

Insurance companies look at a driver’s credit profile and allocate a heightened risk to those who have a poor credit score. As per our survey data for Arizona, Geico offers affordable prices in general when looking for car insurance with bad credit, whereas State Farm has by far the most costly prices.

American Family$2,234
Statewide Average$2,453
State Farm$5,008

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes For Young Drivers

Young drivers pay significantly more for car insurance than elderly drivers, particularly if they are not covered by their parent’s plan. A car insurance policy for an 18-year-old driver will cost almost 200 per cent more than one for a 35-year-old motorist.

State Farm$2,245$4,492

How Much Does Minimum Coverage Car Insurance Cost In Arizona?

By buying basic coverage, you may be able to lower your car insurance prices. For drivers with basic coverage in Arizona, Geico has the least costly premiums on average, while Allstate has by far the most expensive prices.

Bodily injury liability coverage, which compensates for the other driver’s wounds, and property destruction liability coverage, which covers the other driver’s damages, are both required in Arizona.

State Farm$1,321
American Family$1,332
Statewide Average$1,441

Arizona’s Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Arizona does not require drivers to have insurance. If citizens decide not to, you must be willing to post a $40,000 fee to show that you can compensate for any harm that may occur as a consequence of a road accident.

The following are Arizona’s minimum liability car insurance criteria:

Liability for physical harm of $25,000 per person
Liability for bodily injury of $50,000 per accident
Property destruction liability is $25,000 per accident.

How To Find The Most Affordable Car Insurance In Arizona

Cleaning up your driving history, decreasing your insurance requirements, seeking reductions, and boosting your insurance bill are all ways to cut your insurance prices. And furthermore, you can check prices on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting a great deal.

Arizona Car Insurance FAQs
Is Car Insurance Compulsory In Arizona?

Yes, Arizona law mandates liability coverage for all vehicles operating on state roadways.

In Arizona, Which Vehicles Must Be Insured?

Liability insurance is needed for all commercial trucks operating on public highways, including automobiles, trucks, motorbikes, RVs, scooters, and motorcycles.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In Arizona?

Age, driving record, residence, relationship status, and creditworthiness all influence the cost of car insurance in Arizona. The cost of car insurance in Arizona is around 10% less than the national average.

When Should I Get Car Insurance in Arizona?

Before you begin driving on Arizona roadways, you must have car insurance on your vehicle.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Car Insurance In Arizona?

The cost of car insurance in Arizona is heavily influenced by where you live. Areas with high healthcare bills will spend more on bodily injury liability insurance and healthcare expenditures policy. Greater urban locations have greater living costs, thus inhabitants must pay more for auto insurance.


Though most drivers are informed that your own driving record influences your car insurance costs, many are uninformed that the overall threat of the motorists surrounding you also has an influence.

TechHob is able to give car insurance users information on how numerous insurance companies compete with one another in terms of both cost and efficiency using the aforementioned observations and rating algorithms. Actual rates may vary depending on specific factors such as the policyholder’s driving history and parking location.

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