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Among Us Online: How To Play Among Us Online

By: Osinachi
Published: March 26, 2022

InnerSloth’s Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game akin to Mafia or Werewolf. You may play with a group of four to ten individuals, either in person or online.

You play as a part of a crew on board a spacecraft, airship, sky headquarters, or planet base, striving to maintain your ship intact and return to Earth.

However, one of the crew members has been replaced by a parasitic shape-shifting extraterrestrial that intends to wipe off the rest of the crew before the spacecraft arrives at its destination. The problem is that the impostor will destroy the ship, slip via vents, trick teammates, and aim to implicate others in order to remain undiscovered and murder off the remainder of the crew. (You can select to have more than one impostor if you have more participants.) Here’s how to be the most convincing impostor you can be.

Furthermore, the non-alien crew members are tasked with repairing the ship and are forbidden from speaking unless death is recorded. The surviving crew can then publicly argue who they believe the impostor is via chat and make their best estimate as to who should be voted off the ship. The crew wins if the impostor is voted out. If the gang unintentionally votes someone off, everyone returns to sustaining the ship until another body is discovered, at which point they vote once more.

Among Us Online: How To Play Among Us Online

What Is The Cost Of Among Us, And What Devices Can It Be Played On?

On Steam, iOS, Android, and even your web browser, you may play the famous online game Among Us. While you may play Among Us for free on your Smartphone or pc, there are certain advantages to purchasing the full edition of the game.

On iOS and Android devices, Among Us is available for free (you can download it on the App Store or Google Play Store). Alternatively, you may play on a PC for $5. you can download it on Steam or

There are advertisements in the free mobile version. You’ll notice a pop-up outlining the game’s usage of AdMob and data collecting after you install and play it on your phone. If you wish to turn off adverts and data collecting, choose Disable Ads and follow the instructions to pick your payment option to purchase the ad-free version of the app for $2.

For certain players, there is a method around the ads: if the Among Us host purchases the $2 for the ad-free game, the game will be ad-free for everyone in the group, even if the others didn’t.

Another alternative is to play Among Us Online, a fan-made web-based version of the game that is quite identical to the free version.

Micropayments are available in the game, with the ability to purchase pets, skins, and headwear on both the mobile and PC versions. Some are free, however, none of these goods alters gameplay whether they are purchased or not.

One of the most appealing features of Among Us is the option to play with others across many platforms, making it simple to join a game with friends or strangers.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Persons Who Can Play Among Us At The Same Time?

Connect to a good internet connection and enjoy multiplayer games with your friends. Fight till you win by completing all objectives and avoiding being murdered. Play with 4 -10 players and have the most fun playing the Among Us game online.

Enjoy the game Among US by choosing how you want to play it and customizing your character’s colour, helmet, and attire. Playing Among Us is a fun game in which you hold a special gathering to vote out impostors. On Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices, you may play Among US games.

How To Begin Playing Among Us

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started with your first game of Among Us.

  • Join an existing game or start your own. Set your choices using the filters at the top of the screen.

  • Whenever you engage a game, you must wait until there are enough players. In the meanwhile, you may stroll over to the computer and adjust your appearance by selecting Customize.

  • You’ll be randomly allocated one of two roles when you start a new game: Crewmate or Imposter.
    • If you’re an Imposter, your aim is to murder all of the Crewmates before they figure out who’s behind it. To take down a Crewmate, approach them and tap Kill. You’ll have to wait for a time before striking again.
    • Imposters have access to tunnels to assist them move the ship rapidly, but your identity will be exposed if someone spots you. You can also use traps to impede your Crewmates’ attempts. Explore the ship for things with which you may engage and choose the relevant icon.

  • Your job as a Crewmate is to finish all allocated chores before the Imposters murder everyone else. To begin a mission, walk about the ship looking for things you can connect with and selecting the proper icon.

  • Select Report to convene a meeting when you locate a fallen Crewmate. Meetings can also be called by pressing the huge Emergency button located at the beginning point.

  • Analyze the evidence and decide who should be removed from the game. To communicate, pick the Text icon, then select a player to attack.

  • The game will continue until all objectives have been performed, all Crewmates have been murdered, or the Imposter has been recognized and voted out. Fallen Crewmates are able to assist their comrades in completing duties, but they are unable to speak with eachother.

How To Play Among Us On PC

Among Us is available as a Steam game or as a standalone app from InnerSloth. Among Us has an ad-free desktop edition that is exclusively accessible for Windows. There is also no Mac or Chrome OS edition.

Using an Android emulator like BlueStacks, you may play the free mobile version of Among Us on a PC. On Chromebooks that allow Android applications, you can also play the mobile version.

How To Play Among Us With Friends

Cross-play is supported in Among Us, which implies you may engage multiplayer games with PC users while on your phone, and vice versa. To join a game, go to the game screen, hit Enter Code under Private, make your own game, then share the code that shows at the bottom of the screen.

How To Play Among Us Online

Among Us PC Control Short Keys

  • Q – kill

  • Use The Letter E Or The Letter SPACE

  • Alt + Enter – Fullscreen Switch

  • Mouse – Menu interactivity and Minigame

  • R- Report body

  • Arrows or WASD – Moving

How Do I Get Among Us For My Windows PC?

  • When you click “purchase now,” you’ll see that Among Us costs $5.00.

  • Enter your your address to get payment confirmation from Among Us.

  • Select Paypal or a credit card as the payment option for purchasing the game.

  • A steam key will be sent to you.

Using A Credit Or Debit Card To Pay

  • To gain access to the link, enter your email address and make sure it’s genuine.

  • Fill in your complete name as it appears on your ID card.

  • “Pay $5.0” should be selected.

  • Continue to the next page to finish your payment.

  • To acquire the Among Us game on your computer, click the download button.

  • When you make your card payment on Among Us, a notification will be sent to the valid email address you provided.

How To Pay With PayPal
  • To gain access to the link, enter your email address; be sure it is genuine.

  • You have successfully logged into your PayPal account.

  • You’ll be sent to a page where you’ll be required to make a payment.

  • To finish your transaction, choose a payment method.

  • Add a debit card, credit card, or prepaid card.

  • Complete the steps to accomplish your payment and install Among US to your computer.

Keyboard key to play Among US
  • D – Make a right turn

  • S- go backward

  • A- move left

  • W – advance ahead

  • Tab – Map

  • Q – Kill Space – use the mouse to complete Task Code 40429

How To Get Among Us For Free On PC Using Bluestacks
  • Open a web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera mini, etc.).

  • Use your browser’s search bar to look for Bluestack.

  • On download Among Us to your PC, tap the search result.

  • To get to the Play Store, sign in to your Google account.

  • Download and install Among Us on your computer.

A minimum of 4GB of RAM is required for use on a PC or Mac. Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit programs is now available. On your mobile device, go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download Among Us.

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