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AARP Barclays Credit Card Login – How To Access Your Account

By: Osinachi
Published: June 22, 2022

The AARP® credit card from Barclays offers high rewards in practical purchasing areas like petrol and pharmacies, even if you are not a member of AARP’s core demographic of Americans aged 50 and over. Furthermore, if a cardholder has enrolled for internet access, they can control their card account using the Barclays AARP Credit Card Login page.

AARP Barclays Credit Card Login

In this article, we will be giving you insights concerning your AARP Barclays Credit Account Online, how to set up your account for new users and how to make payments.

Based on where you spend the most of your money, either card with no annual fee can provide you points for regular purchases. There are cards, though, that offer more substantial rewards in the same beneficial parts of the budget.

AARP Barclays Credit Card Features

  • If you recommend a person, you’ll receive a $200 incentive.

  • Receive additional to 3% cashback on expenditures at petrol stations and pharmacies (excluding Target and Walmart)

  • You are able to get an unlimited 2 per cent cashback on qualifying medical costs.

  • No yearly charge

AARP Barclays Credit Card Reward

  • You’ll receive a $200 return incentive after making $1,000 in purchases during the first 90 days.

  • You can receive up to 2% cash rewards on qualifying medical costs.

  • Barclays will give the AARP Foundation $10 for each new account that is established.

  • Earn up to 3% cash rewards on purchases from petrol stations and pharmacies forever (excluding Target and Walmart).

  • You will receive a 1 per cent Money Return reward on any other transactions.

  • One per cent of all qualified Barclays transactions will be donated to the AARP Foundation.

AARP Barclays Credit Card Advantages

  • Bonuses That Never Expire

  • Infinite prizes are available for earning. Additionally, they cannot lapse as provided as your account is active and in good shape.

  • Cost of fraud protection: nothing

  • Thus, you are not responsible for any costs that you did not make.

AARP Barclays Credit Card Validity

  • It’s easy to use infinite incentives. You may trade your credits for money, an AARP membership, and other things at

  • You may use your points to pay for an AARP membership.

  • Spend your points to buy an AARP membership for someone else or for oneself. Tier 1 rewards start at $16.

  • Transfers of Balance: Small Initial Rate

  • A 15-month initial APR of 0% is available for balance transactions conducted between 45 days of the account’s inception. A fluctuating APR of 16.99%, 20.99%, or 25.99% will then be charged after that.

  • FICO® Credit Score for Free: Online access to your free FICO® Credit Record.

The AARP Barclay Credit Card Fee’s Amount

Charge per year $0Balance transfer $5 or 5% of the full sum of each transaction, whichever is greater.

Online Instructions For Setting Up Your AARP Barclays Credit Card

You may manage your account securely and conveniently from any place by establishing online account access, which is quick and safe to do.

Online Instructions For Setting Up Your AARP Barclays Credit Card
  • On your phone, download and use the Barclays US Credit Card app. Alternatively, visit their webpage and select “Set up online access.” (You may download the Barclays App from the App Store or Google Play if you don’t already have it.)

  • To confirm your identity, fill out the necessary information.

  • Choose “Continue” to establish your username and password. You may use the system to help you create a secure password that is challenging to crack.

  • Make up your security questions and answers as an additional measure of account protection.

  • Verify your email address to finish the setup process.

You may now access your account online at any moment using their website or the Barclays app using the same username and password you used when creating the account. you can now make seamless transactions with online access.

By dialing 1 (800) 432-3117, you can enable your credit card by following the instructions given by a customer care representative or the automated communication device. Once your card has been activated, you may enroll in an online banking account by following the guidelines I underlined above this sentence.

After setting up the online access you gain access to a variety of tools such as:

  • Managing your payments and account settings

  • Update your personal information

  • Adopting paperless payments

  • Request a higher credit limit.

  • Check recent account balance

  • View current and past transactions history

And so much more…

Requirements To Register Your AARP Barclays Credit Card

  • Your AARP Barclays Credit Card

  • Credit limit – you can find it on your most recent statement or the mail that came with your card

How To Login Into Your AARP Barclays Credit Card

It is now time to log into your account to make bills, view transaction history, check balance, adjust your confidential inf, and more if you have already set up your AARP Barclays Credit Card for online access or if you are an old card owner.

How To Login Into Your AARP Barclays Credit Card

Implement the steps highlighted below to login into your AARP Barclays Credit Card Account

  • Visit the official website on your browser 

  • Select the card member login box {it is a blue box}, then input your username and password then hit login.

Select also on Forgot User ID/Password? link found underneath the login fields on the online banking site if you can’t log in because you’ve misplaced your user ID or password. You have a variety of alternatives to choose from when reclaiming your login information.

You must enter your Social Security Number, Tax ID Number, Chase ATM/debit or Chase credit card number, Chase commercial loan account number, or any other Chase account number with the first two selections.

To regain your lost user ID or password after providing the necessary information, click Next to continue and follow the directions on the ensuing screens.

How To Make Payments On Your AARP Barclays Credit Card

  • Login into your AARP Barclays Credit Card Account either using the app or online

  • Then select Payments from the drop down menu then choose “make a payment”

  • Type in the amount you would like to pay or select the minimum amount displayed to you

  • You can select the pay now option or set a payment date to schedule the transaction

  • Users can have multiple accounts on their dashboard, so you would have to choose the account you are paying from

  • Choose Review and Verify to clarify the info of the transaction you are about to make, when you are done you can now select the Pay now option to make your payment.

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