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How To Apply And Use Your Reflex MasterCard Credit Card

By: Osinachi
Published: February 12, 2022

Celtic Bank’s Reflex Mastercard is one of the credit cards for people with bad credit or no credit at all. Continental Finance Company manages the card.

It is an excellent credit card for those attempting to establish or rebuild their credit. Signing up for a new reflex mastercard can be a great first step if you are looking to repair your bad credit.

The reflex mastercard is primarily aimed at consumers who want to improve their low credit score without incurring a lot of debt.

Although it can assist in credit building and rebuilding, it is a fee-heavy card with high-interest rates and low credit limits.

The reflex mastercard is one of the options that does not require a security deposit, and it also reports to all three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion).

This unsecured credit card issuer will report your payment and balance history to all three credit bureaus each month and will allow you to double your credit limit in six months.

It is ideal for those who want to double their credit line by making their first six-monthly minimum payments on time and would like to join a credit protection program.

The reflex mastercard also comes with a 12-month maintenance fee waiver.

Benefits Of Reflex MasterCard

  • Applicants with all types of credit are encouraged to apply.
  • Monthly credit bureau reporting to the three major credit bureaus
  • Liability for Fraud is nil
  • Use your card at any location that accepts Mastercard.
  • A credit limit of $300 to $1,000 is set up at the outset.
reflex mastercard
reflex mastercard

The Reflex Mastercard credit card also provides cardholders who sign up for e-statements with free access to their Experian Vantage 3.0 score, which aids in tracking their progress from bad credit to fair credit and beyond.

The card issuer has an A+ rating with the BBB { Better Business Bureau} and provides fraud liability protection, which eliminates your liability for unauthorized transactions.

You can also manage your account online and via the iOS or Android apps with the Reflex Mastercard. You can then check your balance, report your card as lost or stolen, schedule payments, and review previous statements.

Please keep in mind that the Reflex Mastercard Credit Card requires you to have a checking account.

Reflex MasterCard Credit Limit And Fees

While the Reflex Mastercard is a good credit-building card, its numerous fees make it an expensive option.

To begin, there will be an annual fee of $75 – $99, depending on your creditworthiness.

When compared to most non-rewards and credit cards, the annual fee is quite high.

After your first year as a cardholder, the Reflex Mastercard charges a monthly maintenance fee ranging from $0 to up to $120 annually, which could be $0 to $10 per month.

When combined with the annual and monthly fees, you could end up paying as much as $219 per year after the first year just to have a Reflex Mastercard account.

Although the Reflex Mastercard is an option, such monthly fees are uncommon even among credit-building cards.

Though the annual fee drops slightly after a cardholder’s first year with the account.

When you make a payment in a currency other than US dollars, Reflex will charge you between 0% and 3% of the total transaction amount to convert the currency and complete the payment.

There is also a late payment fee, which is applied to your credit account if you miss a payment or submit a payment after the due date. The most you can be charged for late payment is $40.00.

Is The Reflex MasterCard A Good Credit Choice

Above all, if your options with other unsecured card issuers are limited, the reflex mastercard is a solid credit-building card.

In terms of annual, late payment, foreign transaction, and balance transfer fees, this card charges the same as other cards for consumers with low credit scores.

The Reflex Mastercard can help you improve your credit score by adding positive information to your credit history if you use it responsibly.

On-time payments, for example, will help you improve your credit score over time.

Negative information, such as a large account balance or late payments, will be added to your credit report, lowering your credit score.

As your credit is sent to each bureau, this information is collected and used to build your credit profile.

Building credit takes time, but having good reports makes it easier.

Best Way To Use The Reflex MasterCard

  • To avoid high interest charges, make sure you pay off your card balance in full each month.
  • Don’t forget to make your first six monthly payments on time to receive an automatic credit limit increase.
  • Limit the number of authorized users you add to the card, as each additional user costs $30..
  • On-time payments will also help you improve your credit score in the long run.
  • Avoid paying your monthly and annual fees late.

How To Apply For A Reflex Credit Card

You can apply by phone, online, mail, or in person, but some basic information is required.

  • To begin, you must provide your full name as it appears on your official government documents.
  • Second, provide your social security number and annual income.
  • Then enter your birth date and address.

You can also apply by phone at 1-866-513-4598 or by mailing back the acceptance certificate from the pre-selected offer you received in the mail.

Your personal data is required and will be used to identify you.

Personal information, such as your Social Security number, is used to view your data; this information is required to process your application, and it is then combined with additional information, such as your monthly income and credit history.

How To Login To The Reflex Credit Card Account

If you are a Reflex card cardholder or account owner, log in to your account with your information; if you are a new cardholder and have not registered for the Reflex card, log in to your account with your information. you can visit their official website and sign up for one.

To login to your reflex account online;

  • Type in your username and password

How To Activate My Reflex Credit Card

Cards that have been reissued or newly issued can be activated online or over the phone.

To activate online;

  • On the back of your card, go to their website and click on Activate Now.

To activate over the phone;

  • Call the toll-free activation number printed on the sticker affixed to your new card from the phone number you provided on your application within 30 days of receiving it in the mail.

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