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8 Best Stock Market Apps For Android In 2022

By: Osinachi
Published: April 17, 2022

Whenever it pertains to stock trading apps for Android devices, there are a lot of options. There’s definitely a platform out there that’s a suitable fit for your stock trading demands, ranging from huge investment firms to mobile-focused micro brokerages. Furthermore, because each investor has different aims and tastes, finding the ideal trading software can be difficult.

You can simply receive plenty of stock information with the top Stock Apps on your Android or iOS smartphones. If you’re still looking for the greatest Stock Apps for your Android device, look no further. This post is for you since we will show you how to utilize the top Stock Apps.

Best Stock Market Apps For Android

We understand that finding the Best Stock Apps for your Android Device can be difficult because there are so many to choose from. We’ve collected a list of the finest Stock Market Apps for Android smartphones to make your research simpler. The finest Stock Market app can help you control your assets, get trade news and analysis, and much more. In reality, these programs are capable of giving you a comprehensive view of the worldwide stock market. Without any further hesitation, take a look at the finest Stock Apps to utilize in 2022 below.

Best Stock Trading Apps For Android

We’ve produced a list of the finest Stock Apps for Mobile devices for 2022, as described above. These applications may help you manage your portfolio, get information and events, and much more. Below are among the most useful applications to use:

1. Wealthfront

Wealthfront offers a sophisticated, online investment approach with an appealing, streamlined system that gives consumers access to complete financial planning capabilities. The financial advice, account aggregate, self-improvement, investment, and financial services choices are all very user-friendly and easy to use. Self-Driving Money from Wealthfront allows you to further streamline your finances by employing a guidelines method to transfer funds across accounts while improving your goals, giving you, even more, control over your financial path.


In terms of features, usefulness, and simplicity of interaction, the mobile applications for Android and ios devices are both outstanding and on the level with the desktop version. It’s evident that the app was created with the goal of reducing the volume of data entry and typing required, primarily relying on more user-friendly controls, drop-down menus, and auto-fill capability. When joining external accounts, you’ll still need to enter user IDs and passwords, but the procedures are typically reliable and direct.

2. Charles Schwab

The Charles Schwab Mobile application is one of our highest ranked-choice for the finest stock trading app for Android. The Schwab app is feature-rich and responds to the needs of novices, specialists, as well as every user and broker in between. Schwab brokerage accounts offer no minimum balance restrictions or reoccurring charges, as well as free stock and ETF trading.

Charles Schwab Mobile application

The Android app contains tools for managing and monitoring your portfolios, placing sophisticated transactions and tracking transaction progress, receiving updates regarding your stocks and stocks you track, researching opportunities with interactive charts, and seeing actual market statistics.

3. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade distinguishes out for offering a mobile market knowledge that is both more accessible and feature-rich than the desktop version. Its mobile trading tools are carefully structured into functionality and categories that are simple to grasp. Watchlists, trades, tracking stocks, settings, and chart modification are all included in this basic design. When you use the TD Ameritrade app, your work is simplified to concentrate on whatever you need for sale and purchase, as well as portfolio management.

TD Ameritrade mobile, tablet and pc version

TD Ameritrade’s user experience, irrespective of which app you utilize, includes all the tools you have to manage your finances on the move. The applications are a flexible and efficient substitute for the full desktop counterparts.

4. JStock

JStock is one of the top stock market apps for Android devices. According to studies, this software covers 28 global stock markets and offers a diverse set of functions. You may use this software to keep track of stocks, the stock exchange, assets, and your wallet, among other things. It gives you well-organized stock market data to assist you in making the greatest investment.

JStock is one of the top stock market apps for Android devices

JStock is now considered the top stocks App for the stock market and is available for free download on your Android smartphone through the Google Play Store.

5. Webull

Webull might be an excellent choice if you just want an app that makes your total investment process fee-free. There are no account minimum standards or fees with Webull. Trades in stocks, ETFs, and alternatives are all free. This covers option contract costs, which are still charged by most other brokerages. Webull is a young brokerage, but it has excellent platforms and often upgrades to include features that are useful to even the most seasoned investors.

Webull App

You may use the Webull Android app to control your complete account and place sophisticated trading orders. Voice instructions are supported in Webull’s app.  The program was designed specifically for active and futures dealers.

6. Interactive Brokers

Under our top app for avid brokers section, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) beats out the market. The user application brings over all of the major elements from the desktop Traders Workstation (TWS) capabilities, which is among the most extensive trading systems in operation, so advanced investors will feel right at home. Customers will have access to each and every investment market accessible, including cryptocurrencies for straightforward coin trading, as well as unparalleled study, evaluation, and strategizing resources.

Interactive Brokers

The mobile app and the desktop app are synced, thus watchlists established on the mobile app are also viewable on the desktop version. Whereas the primary elements of the IBKR app retain virtually all of the capability of the desktop version, given the complexity and scope of the TWS platform, there are certain fair limitations.

Because of the wide choice of assets and markets it provides, the Interactive Brokers app stands out as the best alternative for savvy investors.

7. is a well-known app that keeps you up to speed on worldwide financial markets. This software allows you to keep track of all of your favourite stocks irrespective of where you are, as well as receive tailored notifications and worldwide financial updates. This program allows traders and investors to configure financial data tools including stock signals, current events, watch lists, economic forecasts, and much more.

Customized live coverage of international economic happenings based on your specific preferences. Leading investors and traders use our authentic Economic Forecast to keep track of market-moving developments as they happen, making it simple to follow market effects.

8. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is a financial and marketing news application that gives you access to worldwide industry, equity markets, and finance updates, as well as hot subjects like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. This software may also be used to maintain and manage your own portfolio, as well as get constant notifications on worldwide stock positions, as well as summary financial, economic, and business data.


Discussions and insights from the world’s greatest people in Global Business, Investment, and Business are available to watch or listen to. Bloomberg is available for free download and installation on your Android smartphone through the Google Play store.

You may personalize the app to keep track of your own portfolio and get constant notifications on global stock values, as well as summary financial, economic, and corporate data that satisfies the demands of global business and financial professionals.

Bloomberg delivers the news and information you need, anytime and wherever you need it, whether you need to manage your stock portfolio or just want to learn about breaking financial events.

How Do I Use An Android Stock Trading App?

Android stock trading applications make it simple to purchase and sell stocks from the comfort of your tablet or smartphone. In a matter of moments, you can fund a trading account and make purchases to resell stock shares using these applications.

What Should I Look For When Choosing An Android Stock Trading App?

It’s a good idea to check the whole features provided by your chosen stockbrokers rather than basing your decision just on the basis of the Android app. Because you’ll most likely be accessing your account from a variety of devices, it’s critical to test all platforms to ensure they’ll meet your demands.

Aside from the beginners or expert trading elements that you care about the most, account and transaction costs are also vital to consider. While costs have been down for some time, many brokerages continue to discover new methods to charge consumers. When picking an app, check for costs for the sorts of trades you anticipate doing the most.

What Are The Benefits Of Trading Stocks With An Investing App?

The convenience of utilizing an investment app to invest in stocks is a significant benefit. Investing applications have taken use of swift mobile technological improvements to make investing and trading stocks quicker than ever before. You likely carry your mobile phone with you all the time today, enabling you to respond to market changes and watch your investments in areas where it was previously impossible. Mobile trading has made the market more available to people of diverse backgrounds, preferences, and degrees of expertise.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Trading Stocks With An Investment App?

While investing apps are getting closer to functionality equivalence with desktop versions, some capability disparities exist that affect specific types of investors. The disparities largely depend on the investing platform and user choices, but you may anticipate certain feature changes in terms of graphing and analytical capabilities among desktop and mobile trade operations. Some investment applications also leave out asset kinds or market platforms that may be seen on the desktop version.

Another drawback of app-based trading is the smaller screen size on mobile devices compared to full-size computer monitors. These characteristics tend to affect experienced traders the most, but dependent on your tastes and trading techniques, they might be a disadvantage for any investor.

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