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10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives With More Functions And Affordable Costs

By: Osinachi
Published: May 5, 2022

Mailchimp is a well-known email marketing provider that was once a dominant player. Unfortunately, many customers are considering switching from Mailchimp owing to significant pricing adjustments and a steady reduction in customer satisfaction.

The real kicker is there are a bunch of great excellent email marketing providers available, each with superior functionality, customer care, and user-friendly prices. We’ll go over some of the top Mailchimp alternatives for your email marketing requirements in this post.

10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives With More Functions And Affordable Costs

Mailchimp was formerly one of the most popular email marketing services available. They gained fame as a result of their well-known “free forever” strategy. Unfortunately, they have fallen behind in the past few years, particularly when it comes to sophisticated capabilities like marketing automation.

Furthermore, their latest price adjustments are not user-friendly, since they now charge corporations for unsubscribed customers on their contract. You ought not to be obligated to pay for users who have stopped receiving your notifications.

Yet they use marketing jargon like “all in one marketing platform,” you won’t be able to accomplish simple things like mass unsubscribe well over 100 contacts at once.

Thankfully, some Mailchimp rivals provide considerably superior features, prices, and customer satisfaction.

Pricing And Features Of Mailchimp

While we go on to the alternatives, let’s have a look at what Mailchimp has to give. To do a valid assessment of Mailchimp alternatives, we must look at the options offered at each pricing tier.

Mailchimp Pricing

Mailchimp allows users to modify registration forms to match their brand, allowing them to publish them on their websites and connect them to their social media profiles.

You may also integrate an existing list or gather signups from a number of mobile devices. Existing interfaces can also be used to assist users to maintain their data up to current across networks.

Mailchimp has a number of responsive, preset layouts. Users may also start fresh and customize their designs using the template builder. With our versatile template language, you can create your own if you’re an HTML pro.

Pricing And Features Of Mailchimp

The analytics options in Mailchimp let users identify who is viewing, interacting, and returning for even more. The insights are mobile-friendly and may be shared with collaborators or clients by exporting them. The Google Analytics interface offers you extensive analytics on how your promotions affect traffic to a website.

Best Mailchimp Alternatives

You may choose from dozens of email marketing service providers, but we’ve picked the best quality Mailchimp alternatives for you.

Below are some of the top Mailchimp alternatives to consider.

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue alternative to mailchimp

Sendinblue is a reliable email and SMS marketing platform for businesses. It has a lot of useful features including newsletters, email campaigns management, SMS campaigns, landing pages, Facebook advertisements, live chat, and so on.

Its customized marketing automation system allows you to send an infinite number of emails to a specific audience depending on user activity. It has an incredibly simple email builder as well as excellent email dependability to help you improve your brand awareness.

Their Features include Landing Page Builder, Segmentation & Personalization, API / Webhooks, A/B Testing, Transactional Emails, Email Analytics, Marketing Automation workflow, Behavioral Targeting, Remarketing Audiences {Google Ads, Facebook Ads}, Email Builder and so much more.

With capabilities like SMS marketing and live chat tools, SendinBlue is a good alternative to Mailchimp. They also provide more relatively affordable paid programs for entrepreneurs, along with a free version that lasts a lifetime.

The email editor and layouts, complex segmentation, automation and more are all included in the free version. the disadvantage of this package is that you are restricted to 300 mails per day and all of your emails have the Sendinblue trademark.

Paid Plans & Pricing:

Seinblue Paid Plans & Pricing

The price plan for Sendinblue is likewise dependent on the number of emails sent each month rather than just the number of contacts.

2. Hubspot Email Marketing

Hubspot Email  Marketing alternative to mailchimp

HubSpot is a fully – featured marketing platform that can help you develop your enterprise, but it has a lot more advanced capabilities. HubSpot’s marketing platform, which includes email marketing, CRM, landing page builder, forms builder, and more is one of the key factors why small, medium and corporate customers select it.

HubSpot Email Marketing makes use of marketing automation and customization analytics from their powerful CRM to help you provide the most personalized customer experience possible, resulting in more transactions and engagements.

The email platform supports autoresponders, A/B tests, plus landing pages, as well as live chat, contact forms, calls-to-action, Marketing Automation Workflows, and other development features to aid in the development of your email database.

HubSpot works with many eCommerce platforms this is why HubSpot is used as a marketing tool by both small and large enterprises. If you’re searching for an all-in-one marketing platform that can scale with your company, HubSpot is a great alternative to Mailchimp.

HubSpot free and paid plans:

HubSpot’s free service allows you to send 2,000 emails a month and have an infinite subscriber base.  You may also use target based themes that are tailored to the precise sort of email you intend to send.

The free CRM powers HubSpot’s email marketing product. It retains a complete history of every encounter your consumer has with your firm, be it with your web page or with your online adverts, in terms of retaining their data.

The CRM enables you to personalize your emails to ensure that they are as relevant as possible, hence improving efficiency.

Their free plan also comes with features to help you expand your email list. To communicate with your viewers in a more flexible fashion, you may develop sales funnels with lead collection forms or perhaps even add a live chat or chatbot interface to your site.

Using HubSpot, you can also monitor and measure your online advertisements, as well as relate your return on investment to the remainder of your marketing initiatives.

HubSpot’s complete marketing platform is available in three subscription packages:

HubSpot free and paid plans

Although it isn’t the cheaper choice, HubSpot’s comprehensive capabilities and integrations make it a strong alternative to Mailchimp which can help you with many aspects of your promotional campaign, not just email management.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact alternative to mailchimp

Especially for small companies and non-profits, Constant Contact is one of the top email marketing services. Within only a few minutes, you can produce professional email newsletters using a quick drag-and-drop builder.

All of the basic functions are included, including the ability to control email lists, check email campaigns, and measure engagement rate. Their eye-catching surveys indicate to you how effective your email marketing initiatives are.

Basic email automation options in Constant Contact allow users to send introductory greetings to new subscribers, send emails depending on user activity, and routinely resend emails to non-openers.

The email marketing platform also enables a/b testing simple, so you can monitor how well your keywords are doing and improve them.

They also include built-in eCommerce technologies to help you to reach out to your customer base. You can easily construct research and polls, fundraising sites for non-profits, interactive sign-up forms, and more with Constant Contact.

Their outstanding feature is their unrivalled customer service, which includes live chat, phone conversations, emails, forum assistance, and a large database of useful materials.

Thousands of connectors allow you to effortlessly connect with the digital tools you already use, allowing you to build your company and sell more online, quicker.

Just from a spot, you can create social advertising, analyze the performance of your social campaigns, and post announcements, suggestions, and messages.

Constant Contact Plans:

Constant Contact Plans and pricing

Their plans are relatively cheap and easy, to begin with, they also have a trial version where you get to try their service out and see what works best for you and your business.

4. ConvertKit

convertkit alternative to mailchimp

For bloggers, publishers, and entertainers, ConvertKit is an effective email marketing platform. ConvertKit has powerful automation tools, including a drag-and-drop email sequence editor, which allows you to send automatic emails based on user activity.

Its powerful segmentation function allows you to tag your contacts depending on how they engage with your emails and further categorize them.

Appealing landing pages, sign-up forms, and link pages can help you to boost your current project and accumulate subscribers. With their easy email editor and strong sales funnels, you can build lasting connections and market like a pro.

Encourage your regular followers on social media, YouTube followers, and blog visitors to come back for more! You may build a fanbase by expressing your thoughts and initiatives while also providing value.

You can develop a landing page to share your fresh creative ideas and innovative initiatives with your community in minutes.

With ConverKit, you can create even more personalized emails by delivering your customers personalized material that meets their specific needs – imagine introductory content for newcomers and advanced content for experienced users.

Several prominent third-party CRM programs, lead generating tools like OptinMonster, eCommerce systems like WooCommerce and Shopify, Squarespace and more interface with ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is an effective marketing automation tool for entrepreneurs, writers, editors, and creators that is an excellent alternative to Mailchimp.

Pricing and plans:

ConvertKit price ranges from $0 to $29 per month depending on the number of subscribers on your email list. for new creators building their list, the free plan costs $0 per month free for up to 1000 subscribers. the cost of each plan changes when you increase the number of email subscribers you want.

convertkit plans

You can choose between a monthly plan and a yearly plan and go with whichever suits you best. For individuals who are just getting underway with growing a fanbase, the Free plan is a good option. You may use it to make landing pages, sell things, and send emails to up to 1,000 people for free.

Signing up for a ConvertKit Free account does not require a credit card. You may continue on the Free plan for as much as you want as long as you manage less than 1,000 subscribers and don’t need any of the functions included in the Creator or Creator Pro packages.

The Creator plan is ideal for professionals who want to get started or build their business using the robust automation capabilities, which allow them to focus on producing rather than marketing.

Publishers with an established email list who want to take their business to new heights with enhanced features like subscriber retention and delivery reports may choose the Creator Pro package.

5. MailerLite

Mailerliite alternative to mailchimp

MailerLite is a Mailchimp rival and alternative that focuses primarily on providing consumers with a simplified email marketing solution, thus the term “lite.” Filtering, A/B testing, an intuitive email and lead generation builder, marketing automation, and more are all available.

Segmentation & Personalization, Landing Page Builder, Behavioral Targeting, Surveys, Analytics, Custom HTML, Email Templates, and Click Maps are some of the features available.

Connect MailerLite to other online apps easily so that they may exchange data, optimize operations, and improve your user experience. Shopify, Woocommerce, Stripe, and WordPress are some of the options available.

Free and paid plans:

Up to 1,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month are included in the free plan.

Most of the capabilities, such as eCommerce connectors, campaign categorization, and A/B testing, are also available. Their free plan is ideal for novice email marketers and developing web company owners.

You can split-test promotional emails, and even measure the income generated by your emails. The sole disadvantage of the free plan is that the MailerLite branding will appear in all of your newsletters.

MailerLite has different paid subscriptions with many pricing options:

MailerLite Free and paid plans

The price ranges with the count of subscribers you have, similar to Mailchimp. MailerLite appears to be a more economical option than Mailchimp, notably as its basic premium packages include all of the capabilities.

6. Omnisend

Omnisend alternative to mailchimp

Omnisend is a cross-marketing automation software with a strong emphasis on email functionalities. Powerful and simple go hand in one with Omnisend.

Its eCommerce marketing automation technology can help you develop your brand without sacrificing the flexibility of use.

With integrated email and SMS advertising, you can reach out to your customers wherever they are. The templates are pre-built and fully customisable, allowing you to provide your consumers with a unique, regular experience – all from a single system.

Utilizing installed segments that update instantaneously, reach the appropriate individuals with the right message at the right moment.

To achieve continuing purchases made online over the entire customer lifetime, categorize your customers based on campaign activity, purchasing power, and more.

Its features include Email Analysis, Web Push Notifications, A/B Testing, Transactional Emails, Marketing Automation Processes, Ecommerce Connection, Behavioral Targeting,  Categorization & Customization, Email Creator, Email Themes, and Landing Page Creator.

Free and paid plans:

The free version has a monthly limit of 15,000 emails, however, there is no limit on the number of subscribers.

Contrary to all other Mailchimp competitors, the free plan lacks e-commerce and behavioural retargeting capabilities. You can’t, for example, run cart abandonment marketing to entice clients who are indecisive.

For the paid plans Omnisend has four membership levels: free, standard, pro, and enterprise.

Omnisend pricing for free and paid plans

SMS credits are used to calculate the price. If you choose their Free or Standard plan, after you’ve used all your free SMS, you’ll need to add an SMS credits subscription {starting at $20per month} to your account to begin sending Messages.

If you subscribe to the Pro plan, you will receive free SMS credits per month. Free SMS credits are equivalent to your plan’s pricing, so if you pay $99 per month for the Pro plan, you’ll get $99 in complimentary SMS credits.

7. Moosend

moosend alternative to mailchimp

Not only does Moosend pitch itself as an email and autoresponder program, but as a fully-featured advertising platform. They assist businesses of all sizes in sending effective emails that are consistently noticed and engaged.

Automate your branding duties and achieve your objectives with a single click. With Moosend’s powerful automation tools, you can save time and hassles while propelling your email campaigns ahead.

In a matter of seconds, you can create stunning landing pages. Drag, cut, scale, arrange, add, and edit everything you want to build gorgeous landing pages in seconds.

Free and paid plans:

The free service from Moosend is one of the finest in the email marketing world. You can only have 1,000 subscribers, which is standard for most Mailchimp competitors.

However, the comparisons with other free plans halt there. You receive complete access to all of the core elements, may send an unlimited number of emails per month, and your emails are not branded by Moosend.

moosend free and paid plans

Moosend has three different options to choose from, including a pay-as-you-go choice. For 1,000 members, the monthly subscription begins at $8 {unless purchased yearly} and incorporates all of the services described above, plus more.

It’s far less expensive at greater subscriber levels than Mailchimp’s most basic plan, which limits certain crucial functionality. Moosend may be simply integrated with any e-commerce platform, website, or CRM, regardless of your plan.

8. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho campaigns alternative to mailchimp

The email marketing platform Zoho Campaigns is part of the larger Zoho CRM and marketing platform. It has advanced email marketing tools including segmentation, A/B testing, and a native Zoho CRM connection.

Email marketing is one of the most successful methods to interact with your consumers if you’re marketing a product or communicating with them. You can quickly and easily design, publish, distribute, and monitor email campaigns using Zoho Campaigns.

Newsletters may be sent out depending on how your subscribers engage with your promotions. All you have to do is define the requirements for enrollment, and the customer engagement cycle and automation will handle the rest.

Free and Paid Plans:

Up to 2,000 subscriptions, 12,000 emails, and 5 individuals per account are included in their free plan. Segmentation, a/b testing, and personalisation via merge labels and dynamic content are among the most important email marketing capabilities.

However, eCommerce connections and intelligent marketing automation workflows are not included Additionally, all of your emails will contain the Zoho Campaigns logo.

Monthly subscriber-based subscriptions, monthly email-based subscriptions, and pay-as-you-go are the three pricing options offered by Zoho. The subscriber-based plan is the only package that supports additional workflows and eCommerce connectivity.

Zoho Campaign free and paid plan

Their subscriber-based plan is fairly affordable, costing less than $5 / month. With pretty advanced functionalities than Mailchimp fundamentals, you’ll find a change as your subscriber base grows.

They recommend a unique IP if you want to deliver upwards of 100,000 emails per month or 50,000 emails a week, or if you need complete control over the email-sending IP. It must be bought individually.

9. AWeber

AWeber alternative to mailchimp

Another excellent email marketing service for connecting with people and accelerating business expansion is AWeber.

It includes features such as auto-fetch content for automatic blog newsletter emails, elegant HTML newsletter email templates, intelligent unsubscribe administration, email metrics, list categorization, and automated tools.

A/B split analysis, autoresponders, performance management, CMS Connection, Ecommerce Integration, Behavioral Monitoring, and Email Tracking are among the other typical features.

Free and Paid Plans:

With a free email subscription, AWeber is a direct competitor to Mailchimp. Their Pro cost varies depending on the number of members.

Aweber free and paid plans

AWeber provides a single-tier membership structure, so if you have 500 or 50,000 subscribers, you receive access to all services. As a result, it’s a solid choice for small organizations looking to get their email marketing campaigns up and running quickly.

A 30-day free version is also available through AWeber. It’s simple to get started, even if you don’t have any technical or branding knowledge, thanks to a number of native, one-click connectors. Begin for $0 and scale up as your business develops.

10. Drip

drip alternative to mailchimp

Among eCommerce businesses, Drip is an effective email marketing automation solution. It has multiple contact points for engaging with consumers via emails and text messages.

Their expertise is in storing and managing users depending on their engagements with your business. Their API program lets you gather user information and save it in labels, occasions, and templates.

The automated test process creator helps to automate the action of connecting out to clients at the most beneficial moment depending on their purchase path actions.

You may leverage client information to construct personalized special offers, product suggestions, budget announcements, and more with sophisticated personalisation.

Drip is the ideal Mailchimp replacement with various connectors that can help you maximize profits if you want to link your email marketing service with an eCommerce system like WooCommerce or Shopify.

Free and Paid plans:

A simple, adjustable cost that increases with your company can elevate your branding. There are no extra charges or levies; the price is determined by the number of email contacts and SMS sent.

Drip paid plans and pricing

To begin a trial, Drip does not require your credit card information. You will not be billed until you provide your billing information and upgrade.

Throughout your trial version, you will not be able to send limitless SMS or emails. You are free to utilize all of Drip’s features aside from that. Here are several that we believe you’ll enjoy:

  • Workflows that are automated depending on consumer behaviour

  • Over 90 connections (including to Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce)

  • Visual builder and email themes

Your monthly fee is determined by the number of active users in your account, the number of emails you send each month, and the number of SMS you deliver.


Whenever it comes to selecting an email marketing solution for your company, you must analyze more than simply the pricing.

There are several Mailchimp options available.

You must thoroughly examine each component that might benefit your organization, from special qualities that can aid you with specialized marketing initiatives to crucial platform connectors.

The bottom of the channel must be optimized, and the first approach is to choose an email marketing system that enables seamlessly with your CMS, eCommerce platform, and CRM.

However, even with the greatest tool, you must implement email marketing guidelines to obtain the best outcomes. You must never forget that it is a continuing form of development!

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